Talkzilla – international calling for witty travelers

Traveling is nice, but being homesick is not. For those tiny moments when you get tired of exploring a new destination and start missing your mom/sister/friend/capable-of-answering-to-calls-doggy, there’s a solution: Talkzilla! You can get smashing calling rates with the most affordable calling app, wherever you are! Hi, I’m Talkzilla and I’ll be your international calling counselor, today. I could go on and on about me, but I have a nice video that will put you up to date with my story: Talkzilla Short Not in the mood for watching adorable animation videos? Long story short: I moved from Long Distance Island to Calling City and needed to make frequent international calls to my family. I had enough of those calling cards that you might or not find at the gas stations. I didn’t want to depend on various PC & mobile apps that require the receiver of the call to have the app, as well. I wanted an app I can use to call ANYONE in the world. And I didn’t want to spend a fortune doing it. A couple of months later, here it is: Talkzilla, a smartphone app available for iPhones & Android phones. So, why chose my awesome app over others? I’ll try to make you a list. Basically, once you’ve downloaded Talkzilla, you get:
  • LOW RATES worldwide! I mean really really low rates that will allow you to make ultra-cheap international calls . Check the rates to see what I’m talking about:
  • Multiple connectivity options: don’t want to use your data plan when roaming? You can also make calls over Wi-Fi. No 3G or Wi-Fi available? That’s okay, I’ll hook you up with a tool free number!
  • Built-in customer support! That’s right. 24/7, whenever you’re feeling chatty or trying to find out something about the app, you can send me a message within the app and I’ll get back to you ASAP!
  • Probably the most rewarding monster pet you’ll ever have! You get a baby Talkzilla and you will have to grow it. What do you mean how? With cookies, of course! You can get tons of them by making those cheap calls I’m talking about! The more your monster grows, the more discounts you’ll get and that means even CHEAPER calls! Crazy, huh?
Right now you’re just a click away from finding out even more about this glorious app. Don’t like websites? That’s okay, we can chat over Facebook, but I have to warn you: you’ll have to LIKE me first –! :D