Strangest Places on Earth: Chara Sands, A Miniature Desert in Frozen Siberia

A mere 25 miles (40km) from the Kodar Glaciers is the tiny Siberian desert known as the Chara Sands. It's one of the only places on earth where you can see bright yellow desert sands against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

The Chara Sands cover a very small area, just 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. But the dunes can reach a height of almost 50 to 100 feet (15-30 meters).

And instead of camel caravans making their way across the sands, it's reindeer caravans that are found in this mini Siberian desert.

Siberia is not a common destination, but if you find your travels taking you there, the Chara Sands, one of the strangest places on earth, could well be worth seeing.

Photos by Alexander Savchenko