Stranded? Tripping Hosts Can Help.

We've all been there. The last flight home gets cancelled. Maddening traffic on the way to the train station makes you miss your connection. A massive volcano erupts and covers the majority of Europe in ash. At some point in our traveling careers we have all been stranded far from home with nowhere to stay. What is an unlucky traveler to do? The answer is to stay with Tripping hosts! When the Iceland volcano erupted a few months ago, local Tripping hosts opened their homes to stranded travelers - sometimes for as long as the airlines were closed. A similar situation is happening right now with Spirit Airlines - all flights are canceled due to a pilots' strike and thousands of travelers are stranded. If you're one of them, you can use Tripping to stay with local hosts and meet up with fellow travelers while you're waiting in that overcrowded airport. Whether you're stuck right now or at some point down the line, Tripping hosts can help. If you're especially lucky, they'll even show you the hidden gems of their city....and then you'll never want to leave!