Squatting in the Spotlight

If you haven't checked out Squatters yet, you have been missing out! In addition to being a Best of Clicker 2010 Finalist for Best Web Comedy, our new partner took home six Indie Intertube Awards (of the fifteen nominated) last week, including "Best Comedy." Two guys, zero dollars, and a somewhat risky, albeit highly entertaining bet. Prime material for a multi award winning comedic series, right? RIGHT. Get to know Hank and Alex as they sneak, stumble, and charm their way through a life of squatting in the city that never sleeps. This endearing "bro-tastic" odd couple will have you in stitches while giving you a taste of what it really costs to be homeless. Are you hooked yet? Be one of Squatters' half million viewers. Catch up on the first season and join their Network on Tripping to connect with other fans in the community. Congratulations Squatters! We can't wait for Season 2! -Lauren