San Francisco Named a Top 10 Worst Travel Destination

BREAKING NEWS -- San Francisco, CA (coordinates: 37°46′45.48″N 122°25′9.12″W) was recently named #1 worst travel destination in the world. In a shocking survey, conducted outside of McDonald's franchises around the world, 99.88% of those surveyed rated San Francisco as the one destination they would never want to visit.

This news came as no surprise to many Bay Area residents. In an interview, an anonymous employee of Tripping was quoted as saying, "Yeah it's bad. It's getting to the point where we're actively looking to move our office to another city."

No one can pinpoint the exact date on which the city began to go downhill but one cable car driver estimated it to be February 9, 2002 ("probably around 11 p.m.").

Some of the most commonly-cited criticisms of the city?

Golden Gate Bridge

It's frankly an eyesore on the natural landscape and even if one had the bad taste to like it, after you've seen it once what's the point in seeing it again? Certainly no one in their right mind would pay millions for a view of the bridge from their home.

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Steve, one of those surveyed said, "I just don't like it. Maybe if it were painted blue..." [too moved/distracted by the pigeon he was trying to catch to go on]

Cable Cars

They're old (minus 10 points right there), they really mess up your hair if you ride on the outside, and the bells make living in earshot of the trolley absolute torture (1 in 10 couples living near a cable car line attribute their irreconcilable differences directly to the bells).

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Lombard Street

As the death toll from reckless driving continues to climb, many travelers and residents alike are beginning to speak out. According to one interviewee who was an eyewitness to a pile-up there last week, "It's just getting out of hand. Sure the car that caused the pile up was being driven by a 2-year-old, but had the road not been so windy, they might have made it. I can still see the dented fenders every time I close my eyes. It just ain't right."

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There is one silver lining - Walmart has proposed to turn the crookedest section of Lombard into a parking lot. To sweeten the deal, they included a giant slide in their proposal, so nearby residents could make their purchases and then slide down to their homes.

Perhaps the last man interviewed summed up the Top 10 Worst Travel Destinations survey best: "I've never been there, but I'm pretty sure I'd hate it."

To read the survey results in their entirety click here.

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Post by Anis Salvesen.