Round the World Trippers: Erica and Shaun of

Many of you may be familiar with Erica Kuschel – blogger, photographer, Tripper – and her husband, Shaun, through their popular blog, Over Yonderlust. Here we talk to the globe-trotting couple about their love of travel, their favorite places around the world, and what they have next on their calendar.

How long has it been since you left it all behind to pursue your passion for travel?

We left the comfort of our cushy Austin life on April 9, 2012. It is so weird to think that time has flown by so quickly!

When you left for Central and South America, what destination was #1 on your must-see list?

Machu Picchu had been at the top of our bucket list for many years. When we finally reached it we weren't disappointing. A little touristy, we embraced it and it was everything we could have imagined. Nothing could take away from the prestige of this place.

Both of you love to scuba dive; what has been your best diving adventure?

Luckily we had beginners luck while we were in Utila, Honduras. We got to see a 9ft/3m nurse shark come swimming out of the coral reef. Nobody had seen a nurse shark that big in that area in over 20 years! You should have seen the number of air guitars being signed by everyone in the group.

Of the places you've visited that you were dying to see, have any of them either blown you away or proved disappointing?

Honestly we were blown away at most of the locations we had planned to visit – all but one. We are World Wonder collectors and let's just say that the Panama Canal was one of the most underwhelming adventures we went on. Sure, it is quite the engineering feat – but I have better things to do with my time than see boats go through the locks.

What is a favorite tip or trick you've picked up on the road that you can pass on to fellow travelers?

Traveling in low season saves you 50% on things sometimes! Not only can you negotiate prices on tours like crazy but sometimes hostels are so empty you can bring them down on prices. We traveled in low season 10 out of the 12 months and it saved us a bundle so we could put our money toward more adventures.

What is the most unexpected thing that has happened so far on your travels?

Our passports got pickpocketed from Shaun while we were in La Paz, Bolivia. To be honest we should have been a little more prepared heading into the crowds that were there for Carnaval season but it was scary for sure. Luckily we had some luck on our side because a local woman picked them up off the floor (when the thief realized it wasn't a wallet) and chased us down to return them.

Where are you headed next?

We have so much coming up! This fall we are looking to spend some time in Iceland and hopping over to Europe for London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, Zagreb and Zurich! It is by far our most ambitious itinerary yet but we're excited to finally get some time in Europe.

After that – who knows? We're looking at the possibility of spending the winter in Mexico getting our Dive Master certifications or possibly hopping over the Southeast Asia. The world is our oyster!

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Interview by Anis Salvesen