Roadtrip from L.A. to Colorado - a Photo Essay

The following is a guest post from Tripper and blogger Danielle Koffler.

My boyfriend (Dave) and I have recently returned from teaching English in South Korea and backpacking in Asia. We've spent the past month adjusting to life back here in the good ol' U.S. of A. with my family in Los Angeles, and now we're in Colorado. We drove our brand new Hyundai Elantra Touring (very awesome Korean car!) from my hometown of Pacific Palisades, CA to Dave's hometown of Silverthrone, CO. Here are some pictures from our two day roadtrip from L.A. to Colorado.

Cruising on the open road in Utah!

We loved getting off the highway for gas because we were able to see classic places like this one.

We passed Ray's on our way back to the highway after a pit stop. We felt pretty patriotic while driving to Colorado. Every American flag or USA reference we saw was a reminder that we were home. I love living in Asia, but boy is it nice to be stateside.

Scenic Colorado. Good music, excellent company and GREAT views!

We pulled off in Palisade, Colorado to stretch our legs. On our way into town we drove over this railway and I couldn't help but snap a pic.

Isn't Colorado stunning? As we edged closer and closer to the mountains I became

more and more giddy. I love this state!

When we arrived home at Dave's mom's house, it was snowing! We lit a fire and feasted on some Polish deliciousness.

There's definitely nothing like the open road and nothing like a warm welcome at your destination.

This was a guest post by Tripper and blogger Danielle Koffler. Connect with her via her Tripping profile and follow her adventures via her blog, Wake Up and Dance!