Road Trip Tips!

Here at Tripping, we love road trips. Our content manager Katy recently came back from a road trip of her own - she traveled all the way across America over the course of 2 months and she wrote out some tips for us along the way. But we all know that for road trips to be done right, there are certain steps that need to be taken. Over at there is a great list of 18 Travel Tips for Planning a Roadtrip.

Check out some of our favorites:

3. Take turns driving.

It’s nice to get a break from the driving. It’s also nice to get a break from just sitting and watching out the window and trying really, really hard not to say anything when the other driver gets really, really close to the car in front of him. I mean, you know, for example. Don’t be afraid to do some of the driving.

12. Plan time for unexpected stops.

Speaking of extra time… there really is no trophy that I have ever heard of for making good time. The best road trips are just as much about the journey as the destination.

Allow yourself extra time for unexpected detours when you’re planning your trip. Pull over and check out that massive ball of twine. Stop and take pictures in front of those really cool bluffs. Some of the coolest places I’ve been have been on the way to where I was going. So says Confucius.

15. Bring a map. A real, actual, paper map that does not talk to you.

I love GPS. In fact, love is probably not a strong enough word for the affection I have for a dashboard device that tells me where to go and when to turn. But even the best navigation system in the world makes mistakes.

Bring a map and double check your computer generated route. It’s also nice to have a map on hand if you find yourself having to detour around a city, or looking for the best route to that big ball of twine you’re stopping to see.

There are an infinite number of little tips that can really make a road trip a better experience for all involved. What are your favorite road trip tips and stories?