Notes from An American Road Trip: It's A Tripping World (Part I)

Tripping Content Manager Katy Birnbaum is currently on a 2 month road trip across the country, and we will be getting dispatches from her as she makes her journey. Click here to read all of them!


A lot is conveyed in the color palette of a company's brand. When I see Tripping's orange, I see more than just a CMYK mix. I see our community--a vibrant, playful, fun, and warm group of individuals. Now, have you had the experience of buying a car and then suddenly seeing the same make and model everywhere you go? Or learning a new word, only to hear it spoken by everyone you talk to for the next month? Well, something similar has happened to me after joining Tripping. Throughout this road trip, I have met more people than ever before who are excited about hospitality exchange, who are searching to connect deeper with the places that they visit, and who are willing and eager to offer up their local wisdom. And this includes both current members and people I would like to call "members to be." I think this means the world is ready for something new and that as a community, we really are leading the way to the future of travel. Much like the spirit that makes Tripping great, the Tripping orange has also been following me through this journey. So here is to that unabashed orange that seems to simultaneously welcome you into the comfort of its home while beckoning you to the edge of adventure! And besides, who needs a reason for a cool photo blog post? (Tune in next week for the next installment!) Photo Tip Although the soft lighting on an overcast day is not ideal for vibrant landscape shots, it is perfect for portraits. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself trying to capture the majesty of a site on a gloomy day. Take advantage of the flattering light to capture something just as important--you and the people you are traveling with! Road Trip Tip GPS systems and GPS enabled smartphones are incredible, but as fancy as they are, they still cannot replace a solid geographical orientation to a new city. Before heading out anywhere, I suggest taking fifteen minutes to use that nifty map app or even a good old fashion paper one to familiarize yourself with three things
  1. The main north/south and east/west roads
  2. What area of the city (as in North, North East, East, etc.) are the major landmarks and your accommodations in
  3. The main neighborhoods of the city and how they connect to each other.