Win a Tripping T-Shirt in the #MyDearCouch Twitter Contest

[caption id="attachment_10923" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Hey... who let the couch out of the house again? Photo by TheMarque on Flickr"][/caption]

Does your couch have an epic saga? Whether you shopped for months in posh stores for the perfect cream L-shape or simply picked up the first loveseat listed for free on Craigslist, your couch probably has more of a story than you give it credit for.

Maybe it's your unemployed friend's bed or a hand me down from your ex-boyfriend's aunt, but whatever the story may be, we want to hear about it! So that's why between 4/18-4/25 we're hosting our #MyDearCouch contest on Twitter.

Tweet @Tripping with a photo of your chic or shabby couch and tell us why you love your upholstered companion! After Thursday, April 25th, we'll select one or a few of the best stories. In addition to a free t-shirt, we'll feature your story on social media. So get tweeting!

Why? At Tripping, we love our couches! It's a way to welcome wandering travelers into our city, greet regular guests to our homes and simply a fun space in our homes to hang out. On, we not only do home rentals, but we also have an entire community dedicated to free hospitality exchange and couch surfing. If you haven't checked it out yet, go to the Tripping Community page and get started meeting locals and travelers in your city.