My Experience as a Tripping Host: Robina B in Hawaii

What's it like to be a Tripping host? Hawaii-based Tripper and former Peace Corps Volunteer Robina B shares her first Tripper hosting experience. How many of us get that “frantic” incentive to clean house when we know someone is coming to stay? When you have Tripping guests, the house is clean and sparkling! What a treat for everyone! But there are other “perks” of having guests: I like the anticipation of meeting new people and talking about travel adventures, and trying new food recipes from other countries. I also enjoy sharing my favorite things to do and places to go. There may be a place or town guests and I have both visited and it is great to compare our experiences, learn something new, or get recommendations for good places to stay, and things to see. Sharing travel stories can add a new “must go” place to the travel list. When I direct guests to places to visit or actually go with them, I get a refreshingly new perspective on my community. Guests see my area with different eyes and what I may have come to think of as mundane suddenly looks different and exciting again. I also enjoy making and sharing a favorite dish from somewhere I have been, or something a guest may prepare. Sitting around a table sharing food, talking story, laughing about crazy experiences and narrow escapes, enriches daily life and gives me restless feet and the urge to dust off my backpack, get on the computer and plan a new adventure. Being a Tripping host is a new experience for me. I also am looking forward to being a guest on my next trip and staying with interesting people. Having guests who have found me through a reliable source has allowed me open up my house with confidence and a comfortable certainty the visitors will be safe and interesting to meet. Thanks Tripping! Thanks for sharing your story of being a Tripping host, Robina. Trippers, you can connect with Robina via her Tripping profile. Also be sure to check out her fun Tripper of the Week interview. Happy Travels!