Must See Monday - Washington D.C.

Many Americans travel to Washington D.C. each year in search of expanding their patriotic knowledge. However, Washington D.C offers much more than historical monuments and national landmarks. Take some time to visit these must-see locations in Washington D.C.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

The National Martin Luther King Jr. in West Potomac Park is a breathtaking tribute to the man who led the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Overlooking the Tidal Basin, the solid granite monument is surrounded with 16 of Dr. King's most popular quotes, specifically chosen to reflect his messages of love, hope, justice and democracy. Finding this monument is easy: its address - 1964 Independence Avenue, S.W. - commemorates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is the only public spy museum in the world to provide a global perspective on the art. It contains the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display, many of which are being shown to the public for the first time. This privately owned museum costs on average, $15 per person and is open from 10am to 6pm daily. You won't want to miss this, so make sure to check it out.

C&O Canal

This 185 mile canal, spanning from Washington D.C. to Pennsylvania, is one of the oldest intact canals from 1825. It is the ideal place if looking to wake a walk off the beaten trail and discover the feel of 19th century canal building architecture.

Ben's Chili Bowl

If looking for good food and a good time, this is the place to be. Open since 1958, this hole in the wall eatery has been featured in the media numerous times. From President Obama eating here days before his election, to Martin Luther King Jr. and Travel Channel series 'Man vs. Food' , this place has seen its fair share of publicity. They serve both meat and vegetarian chili options, and it's cash only, so come prepared!

Whether it be a national monument or a small place to grab a bite on the corner, Washington D.C. is full of hidden gems that can have you travelling around like a local, rather than a tourist. Make sure to check out these must see destinations next time you're in Washington, D.C.

This post was written by Miriam Vaught, Tripping bogger.