Must-See Monday: Sydney, Australia

Every year, as it comes to a close and as I try to grasp the reality and the pace of passing time, I can't help but remember, reminisce, and reflect. As I sit here by the fire, bundled in my sweat pants and array of blankets, I think back on this time last year when I was laying on the Sydney beaches, enjoying my first Australian "Chrissy" season. In honor of this time and its memories, I'm dedicating this week's must-see to this vibrant city - world renowned for its bustling beach life, friendly people, "no worries" attitude, and of course its famous opera house and harbour bridge, the setting of one of the biggest New Years Eve parties on the globe. I may not have the above view of Sydney's harbour bridge this year and I may not be as tan as last NYE, but as I sit here reflecting in my cozy sweats and Ugg boots, I am met with the same sense of enthusiasm for the coming year and gratefulness for my travels thus far. Where were you this time last year? How will you be ringing in 2011? What should be the first must-see of the new year? Cheers mates! Happy New Year and happy tripping! -Lauren