Must-See Monday: Things to do in Norway

What to do in Norway

Enjoy The Immense Beauty Of Norway Tourist Attractions

Norway is a popular destination for its beautiful scenic locations. Be it the fjords in the west, long and narrow river inlets, beautiful seas, tall mountains, rugged paths, national parks or impressive landscapes, Norway has it all. The wonderful climate of Norway attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a vacation to Norway, make sure that you research tourist attractions and plan a wonderful trip.

North Cape

The North Cape, rising over 1000 feet is one of the highest points in Northern Europe. If you love birds, then take a bird safari to the natural reserves that feature over 2 million seabirds. You can also take a deep sea raft at night and lay out beneath the stars. During the summer months the sun never sets allowing visitors to experience the Midnight Sun.


This location has the credit of being one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Three waterfalls hit the fjords on either side of the waterway creating a stunning sight that draws large international crowds year round. You can also take part in some popular activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaks or boat rentals. Your trip to Norway is not complete unless you visit these fjords. Geirangerfjord shouldn't be missed by any visitor to Norway!


Norway's capital, Oslo is the largest city and the economic hub of the country. Oslo is famous for having the cleanest air quality of any city in the world. You can visit many museums, art exhibitions, beautiful scenic locations and indulge in the amazing nightlife and cultural activities.

Vigeland Park in Oslo

This park is a major attraction in Norway and draws over 1 million visitors each year. Vigeland Park features the life work of Gustav Vigeland who is a renowned Norwegian sculptor. Over 200 masterpieces of this veteran are on display including the angry boy in bronze called Sinnataggen and a spire of 17 meter height that features 121 commanding figures which is known as Monolitten that is made out of a single piece of white granite.

Town of Trondheim

Trondheim features many historic buildings that speak volumes about the ancient history the town. This is an old city located in the central region of Norway. The city has a rich and cultural heritage. You can find lots of art collection, listen to wonderful music, immerse in nightlife and the city features study centers, political and cultural events that make it one among the exciting destinations.

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