Must-See Monday: Hiroshima, Japan

Last week's Tripper of the Week, Erica Kuschel, happens to be a world traveler AND talented photographer - a perfect combination for our Must-See Monday feature... At first we were hesitant. Seriously though, who says, "I'm going to spend my vacation/travels in Hiroshima." People to this day think that it is still a recovering city from World War II that has no plant life (I'm serious, I got asked if there were plants growing all the time when I got home). Little did I know that this city is not only thriving, but possibly my first favorite city I have visited over the past seven years of travel. Here are a few things I highly suggest checking out in Hiroshima, Japan: Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome Now part of Peace Park, this building was one of the last standing buildings during the bombing in Hiroshima in World War II. It is definitely a site to see and a good place for reflection.
Sadako Sasaki 1000 Crane Memorial This can also be found in Peace Park and tells the story of Sadako Sasaki, a bombing survivor, who tried to fold 1000 origami cranes. You can find the cranes that her classmates made for her around the memorial.
Hiroshima Castle While the original castle was destroyed, this replica now houses museum items of Japan's history before WWII. While it can be quite the hike up the stairs, inside holds items like feudal swords and samurai gear.
A Carps Game at Mazda Stadium Nothing can prepare you for how rowdy and excited the people of Japan get for their favorite players and for this sport as a whole. The entire section pictured brought their own instruments and played separate songs for each of the Hiroshima Carps' players to cheer them to victory!
Okonomiyaki Arcade Hidden, you must ask the locals to give you directions to one of the hottest Okonomiyaki arcades in town. This multilevel complex will send your tastebuds soaring. The cooks will cook everything in front of you and your options are limitless with the customization of this culinary treat.