Must-See Monday: Colima, Mexico

The state of Colima is one of the better-kept secrets of Mexico .  If you’re looking for it on a map, you can find Colima on the west coast of central Mexico, at roughly the same latitude as Jamaica and Hawaii. It is actually Mexico’s third smallest state, but within this area, roughly the size of the U.S. state of Georgia, you can find everything from miles of beaches (nearly 100 miles coastline) to fields of sugarcane to lagoons, mangrove swamps and even volcanoes.



For such a small state, Colima packs in a variety of landscapes.  Whether your favorite activity is hiking or horseback riding, kayaking,surfing or sunbathing, Colima offers the perfect setting for it.  As one of the safest states in Mexico, it is the ideal vacation spot for families, as well as an atrractive (and increasingly popular) location for retirees. 

For more tips on this little gem of a state, Tripper Antonio Velasco invites you to contact him via his Tripping profile.  A retired physician who is based in Santa Cruz, California, Antonio spends part of the year in his home state of Colima and is happy to give Trippers a personal tour of his home village, tucked away in the volcanic foothills of Colima. 

Happy travels Trippers, and when you visit Colima, don't forget to send us a postcard!    

- Anis

Photos courtesy of:   Antonio Velasco

Additional Sources:  Mexconnect; GoManzanillo