Must-See: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a little part of Germany that takes refuge in London during its wintry months as the year comes to a close. Whilst boasting ice-skating, helter skelters and ferris wheels, the main attraction, in my opinion, is the brilliant swaths of food. Winter Wonderland is an experience not to be missed!

There is an abundance of fudge stores littered all over Hyde Park, tempting you under their shiny golden lights. I've never been so enticed by the amazing array of different fudge and other chocolate sweets. There is such a wide selection of different flavours, and of course the market does not forget to throw in some alcohol-laden kicks.

As you progress further in, more and more food becomes evident. Despite the number of people milling about especially closer to Christmas time, there never seems to be a lack of sugary treats. Here, we see the traditional German biscuits, some the size of your face and the multi-coloured confectionary sure to send you into sugary heaven.

Glühwein is what I was looking for when I went to this German Christkindlmarkt. It's not just mulled wine, as is conventional, but in true German fashion there is an added shot of liqueur or rum. I would recommend the cherry glühwein, a delicious added kick of cherry liqueur! It's a bit pricey, but well worth the experience.

Finally, the Haribo pick n mix reminds you that you're in a German market. Whilst it is not necessarily traditionally associated with Christmas, the indulgence definitely is.

The flavor of Christmas and the tradition that live in Winter Wonderland make it a definite must-see (and taste)!