Tripper of the Week Marie-Pierre Boileau: Family Travel

The following is an interview with our wonderful Tripper of the Week, Marie-Pierre Boileau, who tells us her favorite parts about traveling and how you can continue your adventures family travel style.

You and your husband, Laurent, have both lived in many places including France, Fiji, Australia, and Belgium! Which place was/is your favorite to live in and Why?

Laurent is from Belgium and grew up there. He moved to Quebec in 2004. I was born in Quebec but I grew up in Fiji and Australia because my dad was working there as a chef in a resort. I lived in France for 4 years to do my masters. We both love Europe. We would love to move back there, especially in Italy. We love the easygoing attitude of the people and the food !

If you were to write a song about your life, what would be the title? Would it be pop, folk, rap, country music?

Definitely rock. The title would be Traveling Kids. We are living for traveling! We have kids and bring them along all the time. We want four kids and for sure, we will still travel with them.

What are the top 5 highlights of living in Montreal?

  • Summer festivals: Jazz festival, Francofolies, Just for laughs, Montréal Complètement Cirque
  • World food (so many different restaurants)
  • Old Montreal
  • Many museums: Mc Cord museum, Botanical Garden, Planetarium, Biodome, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Close to Quebec city

What is the best travel experience you had from your latest Hawaiian home stay?

Meeting amazing people using tripping and couchsurfing. We made lifetime friends. Walking on lava flows with our host in Pahoa was great. Robina was simply amazing. It was her first time hosting people. When we arrived, she asked us what was our expectations. We explained to her that we had no expectations, that every experience is different when you are "tripping" and that we appreciate each moment with each host. She had the room ready for us and everything was made to make us feel comfortable. We went walking on lava and had dinners all together. We played board games at night and it was great. Before we left, we cleaned the room and washed the bathroom. That's our way of saying thank you, by cleaning after ourselves.

What are some of the best parts and the most difficult traveling with an infant?

People are really kind and available when you travel with a baby. They always want to help you. The most difficult part is to respect the baby's routine. It's difficult to respect the nap time and the meal time.

What tips can you give for explorers who also happen to be parents?

Don't plan to much to visit. You will probably be able to visit one thing per day. Don't plan big days with 3-4 visits because the baby will get too tired. Listen to your baby, he's gonna set the rythm of your holiday. Have family travel adventures of your own! Start by creating an account on and connect to Marie-Pierre and other travelers like yourself!