Live Like a Local in New Orleans

There are few places in America with the historic charm of the New Orleans' French Quarter. Whether you're planning a first or fifteenth trip to New Orleans, one of the best ways to experience the French Quarter like a local is by staying in a vacation rental.

Be Surrounded by Locals

Choosing a rental will place you in an area where more locals live, so go ahead and say hello to your neighbors. Ask for recommendations for their favorite restaurants or music venues. Whether grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning or shopping for groceries, every interaction is a chance to gather great local knowledge.

Get More for the Money

Beyond all the money you can save on accommodations, you can also take advantage of a full kitchen to save money on food. Start your day with a healthy breakfast overlooking the bustle of the French Quarter or start your evening with an affordable glass of wine at home before hitting the town.

Choosing the Perfect Rental

When choosing a rental, consider price, location, and amenities. Do you want to be right on Bourbon Street or in a quieter location? Do you want space to bring the party home with you? How important is a nice kitchen? Considering what factors really matter to you and your budget before you start searching can make it easier to narrow down your decision even before you start looking.

The Fine Print

Be sure to read the fine print and double-check the details before you book your rental. If the rental is on the fifth floor, is there an elevator? If a deposit is required, can you put it on credit card for better piece of mind? Does the apartment have air conditioning in all rooms? This could be important during the hot and humid months. Are towels and toiletries provided? Some rentals provide these, while others assume you will bring your own. The more you prepare, the less surprises you'll have in store for you once you arrive in New Orleans.

Slow Down

Sometimes a vacation can be a breakneck adventure where you only come home to sleep, but what else can you really do in a cramped hotel room? A vacation rental encourages travelers to slow down and take in the scene. Instead of frantically starting your morning trying to get ready in time to make the hotel breakfast, why not saunter down to a local bakery for some fresh croissants? Grab the newspaper while you're out and ease into the day. You might just see a cozy café that would be perfect for lunch or dinner later. These types of slow interactions are when you get to know a city well. And the French Quarter in New Orleans is certainly worth knowing.

New Orleans might have a reputation for partying and nightlife, but there are many layers to this city. Choose a New Orleans vacation rental and you will be on the right track to discovering all the uniqueness this city has to offer.

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