Often times, traveling far away from home is the best way to mend or improve any relationship. Think not of it as a last-ditch effort to make things work, but a nice little getaway to fix an ongoing problem—a “save-cation” at the most romantic of vacation spots to see the beauty of the world and to fall back into love again.

They’ve been deemed by The New York Times as "Hail-Mary-moons,” and for many couples, escaping off to a spectacular place where scattered rose petals fill the bedroom, or where the natural scenery changes at every turn can truly help put any two troubled peas back into their once-perfect little pod. Take an unforgettable trip with your best sweetie pie in order to rediscover what drew the both of you together in the first place. Pick a spot and get ready to get busy. Here are the ten best vacation destinations when you’re trying to mend a relationship.

Improve A Relationship With A Special Getaway

1. Dublin, Ireland

There isn’t any better way to renew your passion for life and love then by jetting off to a city that’s filled with warmth, laughter, and good cheer-- along with outstanding sights, historic charms, and a hopping nightlife. Reflect in the story of your romance and allow all that passion to blossom again by enjoying fantastic music on any given night, by singing and dancing ‘til the wee hours of the morning, or by staring in quiet contemplation at the magnificent Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Why not lift your heart and spirits by touring medieval castles and by listening to ancient legends, by dwelling in Old World hospitality, or by indulging amidst epic scenery? You might even want to try strolling together under loads of fairytale-esque trees that provide Ireland’s cultural capital city with a romantic mystique unlike another! There’s also a chance to pay homage to St. Valentine himself at Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church or to share a kiss on Ha’penny Bridge, a charming pedestrian walkway that spans the River Liffey. Make sure to have some afternoon Art Tea at the Merrion Hotel or to take in a classical music performance at the National Concert Hall before capping of the night with dessert at a chocolate café. Love and laughter await me mates!

2. Rome, Italy

Between the endless food, wine, and amazing ancient ruins in and around the area, it would be impossible not to rekindle any romance when in Rome. Savor delicious pasta and gelato galore while making a wish for long-lasting happiness when tossing a coin or two into the Trevi Fountain. You and your honey can even cycle past vibrant vineyards and hill towns to bask in the glories of Italy’s scenic charms before stopping over at a 10th century castle that now serves as a wine cellar. Take a dip at the hot springs of Acqui Terme and sample nebbiolo grape-infused sips in Monforte d’Alba —history buffs and foodies will also delight in the 16th-century monastery-turned-hotel nearby, or the renowned chocolate and white truffle shops.

Also in Italy is the town of Verona, home to the famed star-crossed lovers. Why not take a trip to Juliet’s Wall, or to the inspiration for the balcony of the supposed-former Capulet residence to better appreciate how lucky you are to have someone special to hold onto until eternity-- unlike the young Shakespearean duo whose love and lives ended all too soon? You might even want to take on the advice of the on-site team of volunteer ‘Juliettes,’ who act as part-postal service and part-therapists by regularly collecting, reading, and responding to letters offering romantic advice. It may be seen as a tourist gimmick for the heartbroken, but sometimes, it can serve as an alternative way to help your relationship zoom towards a speedier recovery.

3. Chamonix, France

Paris may be the most romantic city in France for most, but there’s no denying that Chamonix, which sits in the French Alps, also offers an unparalleled sort of romance that even the City of Lights cannot offer. The marvelous backdrop of snow-capped mountains will for sure take both your breaths away, especially as couples can spend their days indulging in fine wines, cheeses, and strolling through adorable little towns that will make you remember why it is you fell in love in the first place.

Breathe in fresh crisp mountain air from your chalet or go wild by adventuring close to the sun through skiing one thousand meters above sea level. This home of the infamous Mont Blanc massif mountain range sits near the junction of France, Switzerland, and Italy, making it not only a wintertime playground of epic proportions, but a summertime wonderland that provides adventure-seeking twosomes with the chance to easily access highland trails with thrilling panoramas for the ultimate high-altitude thrill. Chamonix is sure to revive your love life in ways that even you never imagined.

4. The Himalayas, Nepal

Taking on a difficult challenge is often a superb way to improve a relationship and work through woes. Try going on an epic adventure with your honey to the Himalayas with a 150-mile trek around some of the most majestic mountains on planet earth, including the 26,545-foot Annapurna. Stay within quaint little teahouses in a local Nepalese village and be completely surrounded by awe-inspiring natural scenery that combines crispy fresh air with serious adrenaline-pumping exercise to help you work on all the troubles that may be affecting your daily love life.

With landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountain tops and high-altitude deserts, to rhododendron forests and a vibrantly-cultured community of some 40 million people offering an ancient sort of inspiration, a trek across some of the world's most dangerous roads is a great chance for couples to build upon trust and communication. Really, the 2500 km-long arc that stretches across all of Asia is the spot to focus solely on fixing what’s broken—all while experience a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey

If waking up a couple of hours before the crack of dawn while spooned up cozily in a warm bed within a real life cave sounds like your cup of tea, head on over to this historical Turkish region. Throughout the centuries, it’s already seen its own rise and fall of empires—not to mention the steady rise and fall of millions of couples who flock over to the area every year to dabble amidst a unique type of romantic mysticism and magic. Try taking drive through deep canyons and ancient rock formations, or jumping onto a hot air balloon to take in a magical sunrise or sunset from the clouds.

Lovers of all sorts will no doubt feel as though they’ve been placed into a whimsical fairytale set amidst the stark Anatolian plains. With rows and rows of honeycombed hills, towering boulders, accordion-ridged valleys, and other fantastical topography, there isn’t a better way to save a trouble relationship than by relaxing, unwinding, and basking in the wondrous phenomenon of a full 21st century cave living experience.

6. Seychelles

There’s plenty of reason why Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate decided to honeymoon in this archipelago of over a hundred coral and granite islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. Boasting pristine beaches, diverse coral reefs, dense forests, and rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises-- not to mention amazing fresh seafood and a myriad of ultra-luxurious to get away at-- it certainly won’t be difficult to rekindle any kind of romance at one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Live the high life at one of the country's star-spangled hotspots while taking in talcum-powder beaches that overlap with azure waters, lush hills, and a super sublime laid-back local vibe that provides couples with exclusivity, ultimate relaxation, tons of luxury, and lots of gorgeous privacy within an all-around glorious tropical paradise. It really is the ideal beach escape for those who can afford it!

7. Bali, Indonesia & Maldives

If you cannot get a relationship together in the Maldives or Bali, then where can you? Seriously, it’s hard not to feel love for the person you’re with when you are fully surrounded by absolute beauty. The Maldives host some of the most pristinely perfect spots in the world—no matter where you and your sweetie wind up at, you can rest assured that it will be paradise and heaven on earth. Sample everything from all-inclusive resorts like Club Med to exclusive private islands offering an array of luxurious and romantic options to couples looking for love.

Over in Bali, there’s even a chance to further therapize with some dolphin therapy at the Melka Excelsior Hotel Resort or by enjoying a stress-free week spent relaxing on the beach, visiting a butterfly park, and going horseback riding on soft white sands before attending a few horse therapy sessions. Though an hour-long session with Mr. Ed might not solve all of your marital problems, it’s well worth a try for desperate couples hoping to rediscover a long lost connection.

8. Tokyo, Japan

It may not seem like the ideal place to head to for a romantic save-cation, but passions are sure to be stirred come springtime in Japan’s capital city, where the highly regarded sakura or cherry blossom season is in full swing. Feel yourselves transform for the better along with all the locals while watching billions of delicate flowers budding, flowering, and falling gracefully from thousands of trees dotted all across the city. It’s indeed a magical yearly treat that always instills love into the air, especially if you head down to the well-manicured gardens at Shinjuku, or the busy boulevards that line the moat by the Royal Palace.

Tokyo during cherry blossom season is certainly an epic place to fall in love again—plus, you’ll likely find bright lights, big city fun, rich culture, scenic architecture, incredible food, and interesting people along with all those pinkish-white petals floating around. It really is as awesome as it all sounds.

9. Costa Rica or Peru

Adrenaline rushes are always arousing, especially for couples wanting to spice up their love lives. Go on an unforgettable adventure with your honey while doing something exhilarating enough with your partner to make them see you in a different light—it’s a new sort of turn-on that’ll mend any troubled relationship for sure! Try Guanacaste, the beach-lined province that’s brimming to the tee with heart-pounding fun, such as surfing, horseback riding, zip-lining tours, or full-on treks to one of the area’s volcanoes. Light a spark to any lost flame by taking a long hiking or camping trip that’ll remove you from the humdrums of a daily routine by changing things up and challenging any couple to strive towards relationship success.

On a trip like this, both of you will get to witness the best and the worst in each other-- all along with magnificent views of the rugged Central American rainforest or the ancient ruins of Macchu Pichu that will for sure silence any prior doubts you may have had about your love life.

10. Namib Desert, Namibia

Step into a surrealist painting with your special someone to a place that’s unreal, untouched, and unfettered by any sort of modern or conventional tourism. It really is the perfect spot to fix any broken relationship, offering couples with a more-than-harsh landscape of changing sand dunes that will put even the finest of things into perspective.

See how rare, raw, and beautiful nature really is as miniscule grains of sand blow across the fields during a long hike under the hot sun to a crystal blue Atlantic Ocean that awaits at the end of the vast, cold, and choppy Southwest African desert. Go wild by taking a helicopter ride or by sandboarding to the ocean, or simply take it easy by cruising around in a nice safari jeep and by getting away at one of the many luxurious overnight stays in the area.

This article was written by Pamela Chan.