How to Rent Your Home to Travelers (5 Tips)

As the popularity of vacation rentals and short term rentals rises, many of you may be wondering how to rent your home to travelers looking for a more authentic travel experience. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Pick the rental site that's right for you. Things to consider include the following: Does that website have a lot of other rental listings in your area? Is there a listing fee? How many bookings do properties receive on the site on average? Some useful links to more info on each of the following rental sites : information on FlipKey, information on HomeAway, information on Roomorama, information on Bedycasa.

2. Set the right price for your space. Things to consider: What type of space are you renting (a room? an apartment? a single family home?)? What type of amenities are you offering (internet, cable tv, air conditioning, foot massages - just kidding...wanted to see if you were paying attention. Definitely do not include those!)? What is the price of other properties in your geographic area? Here's a link to a handy chart on property rental prices by city.

3. Include high quality photographs with your listing. Well-taken photographs of your home will increase the attractiveness of your listing and ultimately get you more nights booked. Check out these 4 photography tips for getting your rental listing noticed.

4. Encourage your guests to leave reviews of your property. You have a lovely home and your guests had a marvelous time; a review from them will make your property stand out. Most guests who had a pleasant stay are more than happy to leave a few words, so don't be shy.

5. Don't forget about interior decoration. You don't need to run out and hire an interior decorator (unless your decor is from circa 1906 and your house is not historic). But do be aware that maybe not every traveler is as crazy about leopard print as you might be. A few simple touches can make a big difference. For example, add a few colorful throw pillows in your living room or adorn your dining table with a vase of lovely flowers or some nice candle holders.

Connecting with travelers and sharing your extra space has never been easier. For more information on how to rent your home, click here!

Post by Anis Salvesen