How to Protect Your Home as a Vacation Rental

Once you have decided that you’d like to turn your own home into a vacation rental, what do you do next?

When you think about it, using your home as a vacation rental is kind of a no-brainer. Not only can you earn extra money, you avoid a lot of the hassle that comes with being a landlord to long term renters. Visitors check in, enjoy the beautiful place you call home, have fun and then check out. You can even use the time away to go on your own vacation. But once you have decided that you’d like to turn your own home into a vacation rental, what do you do next? If you have never done it, the idea can be a bit overwhelming. However, we are here to help guide you through the process. Read on to find some things you need to do before turning your home into a vacation rental.

Lockable closet

When you open up your home to temporary guests, once concern you might have is the question of what to do with your most valuable and important possessions. That’s where a lockable closet comes in. You can tuck away important papers, expensive electronics, or even jewelry. It can also be the part of your home that is personal to you, so that when the renters leave, you can go there and grab your own familiar sheets, towels and other belongings.

Make it comfy – declutter!

You may love the many pictures of your beloved cat Fluffy that adorn every space in your home, but your renters may not appreciate Fluffy’s charm. When prepping for guests, think about the hotel rooms that you have stayed in in the past. Hotels usually make their rooms attractive – but pretty simple. Gather up knick-knacks and tuck them away. Take down family pictures off the wall and choose a simple, attractive piece of art instead. Remember - your personal touches are for when you are at home.


How can you prep your kitchen for your incoming guests?

First and most importantly, make sure they have the energy they need for long days of vacationing and sightseeing by making sure there is a coffee maker. As an extra treat, get some of your favorite coffee along with sugar and creamers and keep it all in an attractive package next to the coffee maker. Make sure your pots, pans, dishes and silverware are all clean and in good condition. Make sure that paper towels and a few cleaning supplies are within arm’s reach. You will also want to have dish soap and/or dishwasher detergent on-hand. You can also get a folder and fill it with menus from the best local restaurants near you for visitors who don’t want to cook.  


You will want your bathroom to be clean, neat and attractive. Make sure you have a nice shower curtain and bathmat. You should also have plenty of toilet paper in stock. You will also want to have a few cleaning supplies on-hand, as well as plenty of clean towels and washcloths. You can also include travel-sized versions of your favorite soaps, lotions and shampoos. Reading materials like locally published magazines are another nice touch. Finally, make sure that you have a plunger on-hand in case of a bathroom emergency.

Living Room

In your living room, aim to create a place where your guests can get comfortable and relax. That means plenty of inviting seating. You should have a sofa and loveseat – but make sure they are clean of stains, funny smells and whatever interesting things you and your family may have dropped beneath the cushions.

If you have a television, make sure it’s in good working order. For a nice, optional touch you can include entertainment options like a DVD player or a video game consol. If you have an internet connection, make sure to include directions for how to use it. This might also be a good place to display emergency contact numbers or information about local entertainment options.


The most important part of any bedroom? The bed! So, make sure your beds are clean and in good condition. The beds should be made up with clean, comfortable linens. Be sure to include lots of comfortable pillows, too. Make sure you have cleared away any important items you usually keep in your bedroom – like checkbooks and jewelry.

  It’s really not hard to prepare your home for vacationers – just put yourself in their shoes. Think of the things you would want and need to be comfortable if you were away from home. With just a little work and a little brainstorming, you’ll be ready to open the doors to your home in no time at all!   This post was contributed by RedBeacon, a leading home services marketplace which makes it easy for vacation rental owners to find qualified local painters, handymen, plumbers and more for their home.
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