Home exchange: travel and live like a local with Knok

Home exchange reflects the current shift towards collaborative usage over ownership of possessions. It is a trend in travel that is increasing in popularity every year. Accommodation costs are the single largest expense of any vacation. Having that in mind, Knok proposes a smart and social solution for those who want to save money and live in new cities like a local: home swapping in a secure and easy way.

Knok is a social community, where you can find house swap partners with whom you will exchange insider information on how to get the most out of the local area. Enjoy more space, save money and feel like a local- experience the life and explore the city with local knowledge.

The website also offers special search features and an internal messaging system to connect you with like-minded people that share your lifestyle. In addition to that, Knok also uses a unique tool that helps users find their perfect match and ensures that the matches recommended are just right for you. Knok has more than 20,000 users with houses to swap in over 159 countries. Spain, Germany, France, Thailand... just choose your next destination and find home exchanging partners. You can swap as many times as you want, anytime of the year. The exchange can be simultaneous or at different times, all the details can be arranged between the users.  

The best part is that Knok offers their users all of above within an annual subscription that costs you less than a single hotel night. It helps to keep Knok a safe environment, where everybody is serious about home exchange. Feeling the itch? Give it a try with Knok’s 30 day free trial.