Headstash at the Jam in the 'Dam Music Festival: a Vacation Rental Story

The following is a guest post from Nick Rhodes of Headstash.com.

A group of close friends and myself recently traveled to Amsterdam to cover the Jam in the 'Dam music festival, featuring moe., Lotus, Dark Star Orchestra, Mike Gordon and Keller Williams.

The three-night festival took place each night from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. leaving us plenty of time to walk around the city, see the sights and have fun.

After braving hostels for much of our European excursion, we decided to rent an apartment for the Amsterdam leg of the trip and our decision couldn't have worked out more. Check out this gallery of pictures to see our trip.

We turned the key with our huge backpacks on as giddy as could be . . . until we saw the treacherously steep staircase in front of us. But when we walked in...

... the sweet balcony and roomy interior made it all worth it.

This is the view from our window – just a five-minute walk from the venue.

Sure beats an eerily sterile and uncomfortable hostel.

We decided to take a canal cruise before the first night of shows.

The legendary Melkweg venue was the perfect spot for the festival. With two rooms, friendly staff and plenty of space to get around, everyone was in good spirits all three nights.

Dark Star Orchestra

Keller Williams

The next day, we walked around the city, exploring the busy squares. Having our own apartment allowed us to get a good night's sleep after a late night of music and left us with more time to enjoy the day.

Here's us almost getting hit by bicyclists in Dam Square.

The festival hosted an autograph signing with almost every artist in attendance.



The next day we woke up energized and went to Vondel Park to relax and enjoy the temperate weather.

We went to the famous Rijksmuseum that afternoon.

This is the famous “Night Watch" by Rembrandt.

The last night of music was wild and Lotus capped things off with an epic light show.

Lotus again.

Before heading off, we went to the Amsterdam sign for a tourist-y shot

Thanks to Nick Rhodes for sharing his music festival and vacation rental experience!

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Photo credits: Ryan Nelson and Amy Lowe