Headstash 2.0: Music, Festivals, Summer, OH MY!

With Coachella rocking SoCal this past weekend, I think it’s safe for us to officially say welcome to festival season. We’re excited to kick off the season by celebrating the one year anniversary of Headstash. Over the last year, our friends at Headstash have been working tirelessly to create a community driven site that features everything you need to know about the jam/electronica scene and festivals in the US. One year into the project, Headstash 2.0 launches today - featuring an innovative platform focused on creating a social experience for music fans on a show by show basis. When a tour is announced by a band, each show is given a dedicated page where fans can see who’s going, talk about the show in real-time and after the show, fans can stay connected, see the official play-list and share videos/photos from the show as well. It’s all about using the web to help better connect music fans and build community around the bands - pretty awesome. As the community grows around the music, Headstash plans to expand and help drive some of the core interests that often comes with folks in the music scene - including sustainability initiatives, activism, travel, giving and volunteering.“Music brings people together - we want tohelp that happen and take it a step further by also giving our community the opportunity to help support the organizations and initiatives their passionate about beyond the music,” explains Nick Rhodes, Magazine Editor at Headstash. So what are you waiting for? Check out Headstash, get connected and start planning your summer. If you’re in NYC, be sure to join the Headstash team tonight for a happy hour as well as a a show at Public Assembly. Details and RSVP here.