Whether you’re excited about winter’s arrival or not, we all can at the very least look forward to the season’s countless fun festivities. From holiday parties and galas to city-wide snow-themed celebrations, friends, towns and cities gather in celebration of something special during ‘the happiest season of all’. Anchorage, Alaska is one such city boasting a wondrous winter festival: the famous Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival.

We imagine that by the time you finish reading about this awesome winter celebration, you might just want to do something that you probably never thought you would: travel to Alaska in February!

Fur Rondy: An Anchorage Tradition

Take a second to imagine what life must have been like in Alaska back in 1935, when the first ‘Rondy’ was organized. At this time, Alaska was not a part of the United States and as an undeveloped city, Anchorage was home to a mere 3,000 inhabitants. As an attempt by early Anchorage residents to have a little fun during Alaska’s famously long and dark winter, the ‘Rondy’ was created. The much-anticipated Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival has become an Anchorage tradition with a global reputation, which draws in tourists from around the world year after year.

Fur Rondy 2016: What to do at Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival

Numerous fun events of all kinds – from arts markets to competitive sporting events- occur throughout the Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival. One standout attraction at Fur Rondy is the world championship for dog sledding; whether you would like to delve deeper into Alaskan culture or whether you just love Siberian Huskies, this event is a must see! Another unique event is the fur auction, which has been a staple of the festival since its inception. Other attractions include a colorful parade and lively carnival.

The ‘Rondy’ also includes some good-natured competitions. Those that are artistically inclined can participate in the talent show or amateur photography competition while athletic attendees can partake in the snowshoe softball and the running of the reindeer events. Are you a hockey fan? Catch the World Championship Outdoor Hockey Tournament or partake in the 3-day pond hockey tournament.

Other noteworthy events include the Jim Beam Jam music and dancing event, the snow sculpture competition and the Rondy on ice performance.

As you’ve likely gleaned at this point, Fur Rondy goes far beyond the typical gallery of ice sculptures that you might expect from a winter festival. The ‘Rondy’ promises fun for the whole family. While there are numerous activities to get involved in, those opting to watch instead of participate are certain to have a blast too.

Visiting Fur Rondy

The ‘Rondy’ is open from February 26th to March 6th, making the festival eight days long. Make sure to buy tickets ahead of time and to sign up for any activity that you want to participate in so that you have a guaranteed spot.

Location: 400 D Street (Corner of 4th and D) Anchorage, Alaska.


Visit the site to note the planned road closures, discover where to park during the festival, and learn about the free weekend shuttle.

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This article was written by Amid Bennaim.