Food Adventures from Intrepid Travel - a Foodie Traveler's Dream Come True

If you love food and travel, then you'll be excited to learn about Intrepid Travel's new Food Adventures. Whether you're looking to sample the real local cuisine or to immerse yourself in a more in-depth exploration of the region's culinary wonders, Intrepid has the perfect Food Adventure for you.

Urban Food Safaris

Urban Food Safaris, which are typically 2-4 hours, are the perfect opportunity for those who just want a quick sample of a city's local food scene. Join one of these unique safaris to hunt down the best street food, drink makers, hidden eateries, spice bazaars and artisan food producers.

From Amsterdam to Beijing to Delhi, you have plenty of choices, but here are a couple we found especially intriguing.

Istanbul Street Food Picnic

You'll get to explore the Spice Bazaar and meet friendly traders who will share their knowledge on local delicacies. After stocking up on goodies from the various market and street stalls, you'll visit Galata Bridge, a food haven with its abundance of Turkish street food. End your tour with a traditional Turkish picnic (yum!) with Galata as a beautiful backdrop to your delicious meal.

Hanoi Street Food by Night

What better way to unlock the hidden secrets of one of the world's greatest street food cities than to take a unique walking tour through its Old Quarter? Venture off the tourist track and sample authentic local dishes. You'll get to sit side by side with locals as you enjoy the atmospheric food stalls.

Bite-Size Breaks

Want to explore the area's culinary wonders for longer than just a few hours? Take a 4-5 day Bite-Size Break,where you'll enjoy a host of regional food experiences. It's a great (and might we add delicious) way to get to know the local cultures and traditions.

Choose from cities like New Orleans, Venice and Tokyo. We're already dreaming of our next trip with the two Bite-Size Breaks below.

Bite-Size Break - Tokyo

Dive into thousands of years of food artistry and culture with this combination of sightseeing and visits to the city's best eating and drinking spots. Eat fresh-off-the-boat sashimi at the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market. Take a hands-on cooking class where you'll learn to make soba noodles and challenge a sumo wrestler to a bowl of chanko nabe. Feast on a traditional multi-course meal of seasonal and local specialties (a kaiseki dinner). You'll also visit Shinjuku's Memory Lane, where you'll get to relax and watch yakitori sizzling in front of you. And of course you just might end up at a hip karaoke bar, where you'll get to sing the night away with the locals.

Bite-Size Break Galicia

Galicia, with its stunning architecture, distinct cuisine and fascinating history is one of Spain's most beautiful, must-visit areas. Visit traditional taverns in Santiago de Compostela, stroll through San Sebastian's Abastos Market, and meet local artisinal food producers. Enjoy a delectable wine and cheese evening and even bake bread with locals in a community oven.

Real Food Adventures

Keen to dive into your destination's food scene on a longer trip? Try a Real Food Adventure.

From Northern Spain to China, you can choose from a number of unique Real Food Adventures. Here are a couple we found especially enticing.

Real Food Adventure - Mexico

Take a culinary adventure through a few regions in Mexico, with Mexico City as your starting and ending point. Visit Oaxaca, where you can wander through the aromatic Abastos Markets sampling the local chocolate, cheeses (queso) and even grasshoppers (chapulines). In Puebla you'll get the chance to take a mouth-watering cooking class and sample the city's specialties, which include tortitas de Santa Clara, tacos arabes and cemitas.

Real Food Adventure - India

Spend two amazing weeks discovering the flavors of India. Experience Delhi's best street food, the vibrant food scene of Mumbai, and the colors of India's bazaars and markets. Marvel at Jaipur's breathtaking Palace of the Wind and the beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, where you'll get to sample the delicious cuisine of Mughal emperors. Learn to prepare delectable regional Indian dishes in a series of fun cooking classes. Relax on the beaches of Goa and enjoy the Portugese-inspired flavors of the local dishes.

Ready to head out on an exciting, unique Food Adventure with Intrepid? From now until March 15th, you can enjoy 10% off all Real Food Adventures and Bite-Sized Breaks.