Featured Rental Partner of the Month - Gloveler

Welcome to the second edition of “Featured Partner of the Month.” As a search engine for vacation rentals, Tripping.com prides itself on gathering the greatest selection of vacation rentals on the web so travelers (like yourself!) can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Hatched out of a business seminar by three young entrepreneurs in Germany, Gloveler has quickly become a destination for finding affordable peer-to-peer rentals. With everything from houses to private rooms, or even spare couches, Gloveler is the perfect resource for family vacations, business trips and the casual culture quest.

1) What is the best part about working in the Travel Industry?

One of the best things about working in the Travel Industry is having the opportunity to expand our cultural horizons and get in contact with different languages. The hosts give us secret tips about hidden and extraordinary places and we are up to date with the current events and offers.

2) What is the craziest rental you have ever seen? (in terms of uniqueness and/or luxury)

We found this trailer listed as an apartment in the woods of Hemmor, Germany! It would be incredible to be nestled comfortably in the middle of nature like this.

4) What is one office ritual you have? (can be a celebration ritual or everyday occurrence)

The morning kickoff meeting, where everybody defines the tasks to accomplish today. A big part of the day in the office is lunch, which is always cooked by a team member. This gives us the opportunity to have some leisure time together and catch up. We've uploaded some videos to Instagram as well!

5) Name the favorite company snack. Besides coffee.

Sometimes after lunch we get a very special shipment of homemade ice cream. It may come as a surprise to most, but nobody in our office drinks coffee. We all would rather have a hearty cup of tea!

6) Favorite team lunch break eatery?

If lunch and ice cream isn't enough, we have a special vending machine, which is more like an arcade machine - it is very hard work to fish out one of the candies and most people fail on their first attempt.

7) What’s the name of the favorite office playlist?

Around the office we like to put on this one playlist from sound cloud by Sava, called the Sun & Rum Mix 2012. Very relaxing and great to work to. You can listen to it here: Sava - Sun & Rum Mix 2012

8 ) If your entire team were to take the day off, right now, what would you do? (Rules: you have unlimited money and only 24 hours.)

We would go to "Europapark", which is the largest theme park in Europe. It features 17 regions and there is something for every taste. We've actually already been, but we would definitely do it again! Thank you to the Gloveler team for taking the give us a glimpse of their office culture. Stay tuned for Tripping.com 's next Featured Rental Partner of the Month!