Earth Day A True Global Celebration

On April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day ever was attended by 20 million people in cities across the U.S. Just a few decades later, by the year 2000, that number had grown to several hundred million people and spread to 184 countries.

It's exciting to see how Earth Day has grown over the years, taking on more momentum with each year it is celebrated. Last year, over one billion (yup that's billion) people celebrated Earth Day in over 192 countries.

This year's theme, for the 43rd annual Earth Day celebration, the theme is The Face of Climate Change. After today's celebrations, let's keep the spirit of Earth Day and global awareness about the issue of climate change alive. As travelers, there are so many options for us. From selecting green travel destinations to car sharing to sharing resources like extra space in our homes with travelers via homestays and vacation and short term rentals. It's possible to make a huge positive impact on our planet if we all do our part. And with today's resources, it's easier than ever!

Check out this cool Earth Day infographic put together by Kars4Kids.

Earth Day graphic produced by the Kars4Kids car donation program "Responsible vehicle recycling for future generations.