Whether you're passing through on an extended layover in London, trying to decide what to do for the day after a delicious breakfast in London, or coming over from other European cities (or even New York or Boston) for a weekend getaway, visiting London is always a good idea. These ten places in London can help you get to know the heart and soul of the city. Whether you love to walk down beautiful streets, see top-rated performances in theaters, or love the history of the British monarchy, there is something for everyone here. Make sure to end the day at one of these London rooftop bars to celebrate a day painting the town red.

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These 10 Things To Do Will Give You A Feel For London

1. Spitalfields Market

In East London, grab some tasty international food while exploring the charming shopping area. Explore by taking a stroll through the market. Grab a coffee or smoothie, and find food ranging from tacos to falafel. Buy yourself a souvenir from one of London’s most popular markets!

2. National Gallery

Right off of the famous Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery houses some of the worlds most incredible art. Visit the National Portrait Gallery right nearby, for the essence of British art. Unmissable, British paintings are at their best in the National Galleries.

3. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a classic tourist stop, and a destination you’ve got to see in London. Street performers often draw huge crowds, and the shops and cafe’s crowd into the centre. The square buzzes with different visitors!

4. Brick Lane Market

Visit the famous east London road of Brick Lane for long winding markets in the Bangladeshi community. Pick out clothes and other odds and ends in the hip and grungy stalls. Try some unbelievable food, as Brick Lane turns street food into a gourmet dish. Brick Lane can be a pleasant and colorful stroll, with fresh fruit in the stalls framed by artful graffiti on the walls.

5. Chinatown/Leicester Square

See the West End wonders, as you walk through the infamous neighborhood in the heart of London. Leicester Square has regular film premieres, and the gardens provide some peace within the cosmopolitan. Chinatown is right around the corner, where you can explore the Chinese arches — and more restaurants than you could ever dream of trying.

6. Soho

The little nook of Soho has winding streets, with delights on every corner. The eclectic variety of bars, funky shops, and confectionaries is endlessly entertaining. Enjoy people watching as the Londoners stroll from bar to bar or through the shops.

7. Camden Market

Stroll around the one-and-only Camden Market. Find jewellery, vintage clothes, and handmade crafts. The cobble-stone market is infamous for its vibrant musical past and present. See the iconic statue of Amy Winehouse, one of the many artists who lived in Camden.

8. Oxford Street

With lines of British flags, and double decker buses storming the road, Oxford Street is the epitome of English shopping. The long walkways with rows of commercial brands have something for everyone. The shops seem infinite!

9. Portobello Road Market

In the posh Notting Hill, find some amazing market items (if you can’t find Hugh Grant). Find antiques, clothes, and food, as Portobello Road gives a makeover to the traditional flea market. Soak up the London atmosphere, and the surrounding area.

10. Piccadilly Circus

The Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus is a must to walk through and revel in the tourism. At the very centre of London, the buzzing circus is nearby Oxford Street. See the square hopping with professionals and tourists under the flashing screens — quite a sight to see.

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This article was written by Clara Hudson.