Char Dham Yatra With Valley Of Flowers: An Ideal Blend Of Adventure With Spirituality!

This is a guest post written by Udit Chaudhary.

“Char Dham Yatra with the valley of flowers proliferates spirituality amidst the aroma of exotic flowers and this unexcelled communion procreates the utter devout bliss in the lives of the pilgrims undertaking the tour to the sanctified circuit of Hindu shrines".

Char Dham Yatra is a sacred expedition to the four holy pilgrimages. The trip comprises of the journey to the Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. The devotees undertake this trip to free themselves from the incarnation cycle, as believed by the Hindus. Millions of pilgrims flock in this sanctified circuit to witness the sacrosanct environment of this pious quadrilateral of shrines. It will be absolutely true to state that the true excitement of the Char Dham Yatra is doubled if the valley of flowers is also visited along with.

The valley of flowers is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring stopping point for the visitors during their Char Dham Yatra. Visitors cannot prevent themselves from getting magnetized by the fascinating beauty of the flowers that bloom in the immaculate valley. The yatra along with the valley of flowers is a spiritual as well as an adventurous bliss that provides a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to refresh themselves.

The Valley of flowers is an extremely stunning high-elevated Himalayan Valley frequently visited by both the national and international tourists. The gorgeous region offers mesmerizing vista and also presents wonderful meadow of exotic alpine flowers complementing rugged Himalayan mountain zones.

One part of Char Dham Yatra takes the visitors through the valley of flowers. Along with the visit to the Char Dham for getting salvation the tour, if done along with a visit to the valley of flowers, provides the blissful appeal of vivacious flowers in varied hues and exotic essence. If a pilgrim coming to Char Dham is also a flower lover, then he or she will find valley of flowers unforgettable. The valley abodes various unique species of flowers like the Blue Poppy, Cobra Lily and Brahmakamal. The multi hued flowers of this magnificent valley take the different shades with the passing of time. The valley of flowers was declared as a National Park in the year 1982. It also comes under the world heritage site. The enchanting place is extremely popular amongst the flower lovers, botanists and trekkers.

The varied alpine vegetations of valley of flowers are well known globally. The valley is officially opened during the period of June until the beginning of October. It remains closed during the winter season because of the extreme weather conditions in which the whole valley is covered with a thick sheet of white snow.

This beautiful valley is a vital part of this sacred Yatra. Tourists trek down from Ghangharia to this valley offering hypnotizing vistas of the region. The trek is only 5 kilometers of journey. Thus, valley of flower proves itself as a significant part of the Char Dham Yatra. The pilgrims find it more than just exhilarating to tour through the valley along with witnessing the four shrines.

The trekking of the valley of flowers begins from the Govind Ghat and as the pilgrim moves on further, he or she will witness the picturesque and fascinating pulchritude of Mother Nature. Pilgrims will find the untouched environment of waterfalls, wild flowers, rocky boulders, and springs to be awesome. The devotees will also witness the breathtaking vista of the mountain peaks that are fully covered with snow.

There is no doubt that the Valley of flowers proffers magnificent paddocks, a variety of flowers, orchids, shrubs, Inula Grandifloras, Ferns, Dwarf Larkspur, Dwarf Iris, Primula, Dwarf Rhododendron, Fritillaria, Blue Poppies, Potentillas, Asters and many more.

Before going on the trip to Char Dham Yatra with valley of flowers, one should chalk out a proper plan about how the itinerary will combine the sacred circuit of Dhams along with the valley of flowers. The time for this trip should be managed properly as it can take a lot of time to travel to the different destinations along with undertaking the elating task of trekking.

Reaching Valley of Flowers during Char Dham Yatra:

The Valley of flowers can be visited during the Char Dham Yatra and a pilgrim can also undertake the trek here during Badrinath Kedarnath Do Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. Here is the guideline to reach valley of flowers during the pilgrimage:

  • By Rail: Rishikesh is the nearest station where a pilgrim can come to visit the valley.
  • By Road: The valley comes in the way of Ukhimath Road. It is well connected through the buses and taxis to all the main areas of the state.
  • By Air: Govind Ghat can be reached through the road from Jolly Grant Airport (292 kms)

The Chard Dham Tour with valley of flowers begins from Delhi and passes from Haridwar, Yamunotri, Barkot, Uttarkashi, Guptkashi, Gangotri, GouriKund, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Ghangaria, Govind Ghat, valley of flowers, Rishikesh and Joshimath, providing the devotees a perfect blend of adventure and spirituality!


Udit Chaudhary is a professional writer who loves to share travel experiences and contributes to several niche industry blogs. He is very passionate about doing pilgrimage in India and so he loves to write on the pious Char Dham Yatra with valley of flowers.