Celebrating Summer Solstice Around The World

On June 20th, people will enjoy summer solstice around the world in the Northern Hemisphere. It's the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The source of countless cultural celebrations spanning hundreds of years, solstice can be experienced a number of ways in an abundance of amazing locations!


As a former part of Russia, Ukraine celebrates Midsummer Night (or Ivan's Day) during summer solstice. Many deep-rooted traditions are practiced; one of which involves young girls reading their fortunes from a bowl of water filled with floating flower petals.

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Bulgarians refer to the summer solstice celebration as Enyovden; one of the traditional myths surrounding the occasion is that anyone who watches the sunrise on this day will be healthy throughout the year.

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For millenia, the people of Scandinavia have been celebrating the summer solstice with the Midsummer Festival. These celebrations include dancing around bonfires and maypoles, eating traditional foods, singing and enjoying some alcoholic drinks. While traditionally midsummer was celebrated on the summer solstice itself, nowadays it's typically fêted on weekends.

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