Calling All Food, Art & Culture Fans (Slideluck Potshow)

Once upon a time in a tiny backyard in Seattle, photographer Casey Kelbaugh hosted about 50 talented artists and friends for the first ever Slideluck Potshow. That was in summer 2000. Since then "Slidelucks" have become an international phenomenon, and the organization Slideluck Potshow has been "named as one of the 'NewYork100' most innovative, rule-breaking, model-changing, ideas to come out of the Big Apple." So what exactly is Slideluck Potshow? It's a nonprofit organization (501(c)3) that does something very, very cool and innovative - it brings together people from all walks of life in 40 cities across the globe to share food and exchange ideas, cultures and perspectives. Food, art and cultural exchange? We're in! Slideluck Potshow (SLPS) is also very intriguing in that the events focus on the work of local artists. One can easily imagine being an artist or fan of SLPS traveling abroad and attending a local SLPS event at one's destination - perhaps with a Tripping host? :) And what can Trippers expect at an SLPS event? The evening kicks off with a couple of hours of chatting with locals and travelers while enjoying home-cooked dishes (that's right - home-cooked) and drinks (typically not home-cooked). Then it's time for the slideshow. Sounds like a great evening for locals and travelers!     - Anis Photo Credits & Links (all photos from SLPS Facebook): Photo 1: SLPS (London) Photo 2: Val Proudkii Photo 3: Lucia Guglielmetti Photo 4: SLPS (Amsterdam) Photo 5: SLPS (Amsterdam)