Breaking News! Launch of Partnerships & Networks

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of 20 Partnerships and Tripping Networks, a brand-new platform where you can connect with travelers who share your interests and affiliations. You can see them all here. Most exciting of all, twenty official partners are already on board to have dedicated Networks for their members! Our partners include universities, study abroad programs, travel associations, international volunteer organizations and even touring rock bands. They all recognize the value of cultural exchange and we’re positive that Networks will strengthen their organizations on an international scale.pagebreak


'We've chosen to create a Network exclusively for female travelers. Women can openly share their travel stories and experiences here. And then they can use Tripping to meet and  stay with each other while traveling. It's fantastic.'

- Amanda Pressner, co-creator of the Lost Girls World


Local people and the Lost Girls

Our Partners! Some of our great partners include AmeriCorps AlumsTrinity College, the seafaring travel programWilliam-MysticHostelling International, The Lost Girls, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), Girls in Tech San Francisco, volunteer groups Tourism Cares and Hands Up Holidays, touring rock band The Ruse, travel-themed shows Squatters and This Is My City and  more. We'll tell you about them all in an upcoming blog series. For now, check out a few photos from their Networks: There are over half a million AmeriCorps Alums. Are you one of them? Connect with other female technophiles around the world through Girls in Tech - you'll expand your personal and professional networks and have a great time! IGLTA members traveling on holiday. Join their Network to meet up with IGLTA members in over 84 countries. More Partners! So why is this such a big deal? The launch of Networks marks the first time a hospitality site has actively partnered with organizations to encourage cultural exchange on a grand scale. In a word - it’s groundbreaking!