Boston Marathon Explosions Resources & How To Help

Earlier today, we were saddened to hear the news that two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon's finish line and a third explosion occurred at the JFK Library in Boston. Our thoughts are with everyone living or traveling in Boston today. We've rounded up a few top Boston Marathon explosion resources where you can get help, stay informed or help those affected by the explosions in Boston today. The City of Boston is also tweeting updates which you can follow via their Twitter handle, @NotifyBoston. Boston's Police Department is posting regular updates, which you can follow via their Twitter handle, @Boston_Police. The Boston Marathon homepage features live tweets which you can also catch on their Twitter stream via their Twitter handle @bostonmarathon.

Reuters is offering live coverage of the Boston Marathon explosion, which you can view on their page Boston Marathon Explosion Live. The American Red Cross has a Safe and Well site, where people in Boston can let their loved ones know they are safe and people not in Boston can find their loved ones. The American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts is also accepting blood donations. Google has set up a Person Finder for the Boston Marathon explosions, where people can find loved ones in the Boston area or provide information about someone. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority offers up-to-the-minute updates on every transit service, which you can view on their Transit Updates page. TechCrunch also features a page of live Boston Marathon explosions updates, and according to this page, "A large google spreadsheet of citizens offering places to stay and wi-fi to reconnect with loved ones is big and getting bigger." If you would like to offer places to stay and/or wi-fi to reconnect with loves ones, you can also do so via Tripping, via our Contact Us page. Or you can email us at: [email protected] with the subject line, "Boston Marathon explosion."
Post by Anis Salvesen.