Seattle has always been about shaking things up and doing it a little differently. It should come as no surprise that the city is a leader in the world’s vegetarian food revolution. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Emerald City and want a world class meat-free meal, be sure to check out one of these fantastic restaurants!

Dine on Delicious Meatless Food at These Seattle Vegetarian Restaurants

1. Plum Bistro - Capitol Hill

A long time bastion of culture and a stomping ground for the young and the young at heart, Capitol Hill is the perfect place for one of the most innovative, superb yet accessible vegan bistros in the city. Plum Bistro offers everything from crisp, light salads to hearty burgers made from tempeh and tofu that can satisfy even the most voracious carnivore. Soy and gluten sensitivities are welcome and there are plenty of dishes to accommodate. Ideal for groups up to eight people but able to accommodate more, Plum provides a relaxed atmosphere that is both cozy and sophisticated.

Best for: Small groups and first dates

Alcohol served: Yes, and it's every bit as good as the food

Address: 1429 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: 206-838-5333

2. Cafe Flora - Madrona

Who knew fruit could be so meaty? Cafe Flora’s jackfruit and sweet dumpling squash curry is as hearty and satisfying as any beef stew, yet as light as a vegetarian curry. Cafe Flora is not 100% vegan, and so it's a great place if you’re still a fan of milk chocolate or cheese. Due to its location in East Seattle, Cafe Flora is the perfect place to go for a stroll along the shores of Lake Washington before or after your meal.

Best For: Charming spring afternoons that call for small plates and big flavor

Alcohol served: Yes

Address: 2901 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: 206-325-9100

3. Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine - Lower Queen Anne

In keeping with Seattle’s rich Chinese cuisine legacy, Bamboo Garden quickly dispels any concerns patrons may have that vegetarian means skimping on flavor. Hearty and warm vegetable protein ‘beef’, ‘chicken’ and ‘fish’ dishes provide an excellent respite from those blustery and wet Seattle winter days. Queen Anne is one of Seattle’s most historically rich districts, as well as a hub for city landmarks and new developments, making Bamboo Garden the perfect place to stop and refuel during your tour of this charming neighborhood.

Best For: Takeout

Alcohol served: no

Address: 364 Roy St, Seattle, WA 98109

Phone: 206-282-6616

4. Araya’s Place Thai Food - University District

Relive your college days strolling through the University of Washington Campus, then stroll right into Araya’s Place for some of the finest Thai Food in the northwest, a University district icon for almost twenty years. Not only does Araya’s prepare Thai standards superbly, it also presents innovative yet traditionally inspired dishes and desserts. The jasmine creme brulee is sure to have you ordering seconds, as is the banoffee banana, chocolate, and coffee pie. Best of all, Araya’s is inexpensive and accessible to college students and budget travellers alike.

Best for: Vegetarians craving Thai classics with a twist!

Alcohol served: No

Address: 5240 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: (206-524-4332

5. ChuMinh Tofu and Vegetarian Deli - International District

You haven’t seen Seattle until you’ve been through the international district. This mashup of foreign enclaves presents visitors with sights, sounds and smells found anywhere else. The international district is no place for pretense, and the best place to get simple, down to Earth vegetarian food is ChuMinh. You can’t beat a ten dollar lunch buffet that features tempeh, seitan, several types of rice, pho, and a plethora of veggies.

Best for: Authentic Vietnamese food in a great neighborhood

Alcohol served: No, but plenty of liquor stores nearby

Address: 1043 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-723-6095

6. Highline, Capitol Hill

Cap Hill never fails to impress, and if you’re looking for something a little more ramped up than Plum Bistro, Highline features regular punk, rock, and metal shows alongside their absurdly delicious food. The music and meaty sandwiches are more than enough to convince your friends that not all vegetarians are hippies sustaining themselves on tea and lentils. The reubenator’s charred and savory seitan ‘corned beef’ with sauerkraut pairs nicely with an IPA/ vanilla bourbon combo. Tacos full of veggies and ground, seasoned seitan are the light fare perfect for accompanying your beer or cocktail. Twists on bar staples include fried pickle spears and the vegan corn dog. Highline is greasy, debauched goodness and serves as the perfect counterpoint to all the ultra light fare that characterizes much of the vegetarian food scene.

Best for: Letting out your inner rocker while enjoying reasonably priced vegan goodies

Alcohol served: lots of it

Address: 210 Broadway East, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: 206-328-7837

7. Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, University District

A vegan hub with all the fixings, Chaco Canyon is famous for seasonal and standard dishes of all stripes. For dinner, Lentil burgers and seitan sandwiches pair well with local organic microwbrews or kombuchas. To start your day, nutrient rich bowls such as the hippie bowl or thai peanut bowl paired with a cleansing and energizing juice like the ‘inner fire’ or wheatgrass. If there are raw foodies in your party, Chaco Canyon offers a raw enchilada plate in addition to a variety of raw juices and, of course, kombucha.

Best for: food that makes you feel good and tastes good

Alcohol served: yes

Address: 4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-522-6966

8. Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzaria, University District

Who said vegans don’t love cheese? Pizza Pi offers the variety and ingredients to rival any Manhattan pizza joint. From standard cheese pizzas to southwestern chipotle ranch and ‘ex-meat lovers’ covered in veggie hamburger, bacon, and Canadian bacon. Like Araya’s place, Pizza Pi is a University District landmark perfect for students and budget conscious globetrotters alike. Recommended is the ‘sunny day’ pizza, complete with cashew ricotta, and a vanilla ice cream and China cola float.

Best for: were you not convinced at the word ‘pizza?’

Alcohol served: no

Address: 5500 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-343-1415

9. Flowers Bar and Restaurant, University District

Great vegan food meets great cocktails! If you seek more of a bar type atmosphere but aren’t to the rowdiness of Highline, Flowers may be the chill nightspot for you. The bar itself is run out of a former flower shop, but the sweetest thing you’ll smell while there is the vegan lunch buffet complete with meat substitutes and veggies, and the small plates selections of sandwiches and salads that are perfect for accompanying your favorite cocktail.

Best for: Dates, small plates, and great drink rates

Alcohol served: yes, creatively

Address: 4247 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone:(206) 633-1903

10. Wedgewood Thai, Capitol Hill

If you’re craving some quality Thai food but don’t want to make the trek to the University District, Wedgewood has you covered. Take shelter from the winter rain with a plate of fried tofu or beat the summer heat with moo-ping protein spears and a Thai iced tea. This place is perfect for those who are still a little iffy on ditching meat, as the restaurant offers many veggie ‘chicken’ and ‘beef’ dishes.

Best for: Take out, meaty dishes

Alcohol served: no

Address: 420 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: (206) 724-0655

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