When most people think about visiting Argentina they picture the vast expanses of the Patagonia, gauchos, great asados, and vineyards. However, Argentina also has beautiful beaches that are very popular with locals. Whether you are in Buenos Aires for business or pleasure, here are the best beaches inside the province of Buenos Aires. The best time to visit these beaches is from November to February, which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Relax At The 6 Best Beaches In Buenos Aires


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Picture a city surrounded by sand dunes and deep blue ocean water. Welcome to Villa Gesell. This young city has become a tourist hot spot in Argentina for good reason. Aside from beautiful beaches and relaxing spas, the coastal city has become famous for adventure tourism. Whether you’re into dune buggies, surfing or visiting the nearby forest, Villa Gesell has you covered. This great destination also has plenty of discos and bars to keep you busy at night.

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If you’re looking for something a little less hectic that the average Latin American city, look no further than Pinamar. This town was designed since its inception as a resort town and was once a favorite of upper class Argentines. Today it has lost none of the charms while the prices have gotten more reasonable. The most famous attraction in Pinamar is the beach, but there are plenty of places to rent gear and participate in some water sports. Windsurfing, jetskiing, wakeboarding and fishing are just a few of the nautical activities that one can participate in.

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Costa Bonita, Bahía de los Vientos, Las Grutas and Quequen Beach are just a few of the uniquely spectacular beaches around the city of Find a vacation rental in Villa Gesell, Argentina. Being far away from the city of Buenos Aires, this area gets less tourists than it deserves. If you get bored of the beach you can always go on a 4x4 excursion in one of Argentina’s largest dune strips. Miguel Lillo Park offers an ideal opportunity for lovers of nature to explore the flora and fauna of this area through miles of hiking and cycling trails.

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Perhaps the most family-oriented destination on this list, offers the comforts one might need on the edge of the vast Atlantic Ocean. One reason that Monte Hermoso stands out from some of the other resort-towns of Buenos Aires Province is that the climate is affected by the sea breeze effect. Which basically means that the climate in the summer is cooler and the water is warmer, making for a more pleasant beach experience. This unique weather is perfect for windsurfing. There are plenty of volleyball and soccer courts for kids to keep busy as well. Oh and the fishing, probably the best in Argentina. (Don’t tell Mar del Plata that we said that!)

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Mar del Plata is without a doubt the most famous and largest beach town in Argentina. The popularity of Mar del Plata amongst locals compared to any other resort town should tell you everything that you need to know, but I will elaborate further. The area is a world-renowned destination for sport fishing and scuba diving. There are also plenty of large marine mammals which, let’s be honest, are beyond cool. The town itself boasts rich history and is a cultural hub akin to Buenos Aires itself. The theaters in Mar del Plata are amazing and they get packed. At night you can visit discos, bars and even casinos. There is no doubt that Mar del Plata deserves its nickname “the Happy City”.

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We had Mar del Plata (Sea of Silver) so we had to include Mar de Ajo (Sea of Garlic). This old city was founded almost two hundred years ago and lived the quiet existence of a fishing village before it developed a strong tourism industry in the 1930s. Mar de Ajo has a popular fishing pier which is the largest structure in all of Argentina's Atlantic coast. The town is close to Punta Medanos, where many people enjoy horseback riding and 4x4 tours. The town is also synonymous with La Margarita, a ship that sank there in 1888 and has been memorialized in a local monument of extravagant proportions. There are also casinos in Mar de Ajo.

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This article was written by Amid Bennaim.