Dairy-free ice cream and soft serve are luscious frozen treats perfect for vegans and people with lactose intolerance. By using the milk of coconut, soy, or tree nuts as the base for the “cream,” these dairy-free desserts can achieve a rich, velvety consistency that rivals traditional ice cream.

On the other hand, that sweet tooth with a penchant for treats with fruity flavors and an icy texture may prefer other frozen desserts sans dairy such as popsicles, Italian ice, and sorbet. Featuring an extensive range of flavors from the exotic (e.g. pineapple jalapeño, sweet tea, coconut lime, etc.) to classics like vanilla and chocolate, these scrumptious ice cream shops offer some of America's best dairy-free frozen confections:

Best Dairy-Free and Vegan Ice Cream in the U.S.

Steel City Pops
Homewood, AL
Sweet Peaks Ice Cream
Whitefish, MT
Wild Scoops
Anchorage, AK
Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream
Omaha, NE
Phoenix, AZ
The Perfect Scoop & Boba Tea
Las Vegas, NV
Le Pops
Little Rock, AR
New Hampshire
Rock Salt Creamery
Sanbornton, NH
Kippy’s! Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop
Venice, CA
New Jersey
Cool Scoops
North Wildwood, NJ
Little Man Ice Cream
Denver, CO
New Mexico
Frost Gelato
Albuquerque, NM
Micalizzi Italian Ice
Bridgeport, CT
New York
Alchemy Creamery
Long Island City, NY
Molly’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream
Wilmington, DE
North Carolina
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
Asheville, NC
Karma Cream
Gainesville, FL
North Dakota
Gigi’s Ice Lollies
Fargo, ND
Jake's Ice Cream
Atlanta, GA
Ice Cream Joy
Lakewood, OH
Coconut Glen’s
Honolulu, HI
Roxy’s Ice Cream Social
Oklahoma City, OK
Meridian, ID
Back to Eden Bakery
Portland, OR
Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor
Forest Park, IL
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Philadelphia, PA
Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (Brics)
Indianapolis, IN
Rhode Island
Like No Udder
Providence, RI
Over the Top
Pleasant Hill, IA
South Carolina
Scoopy Doo Gelato Shop
Columbia, SC
Glacé Artisan Ice Cream
Leawood, KS
South Dakota
Leones' Creamery
Spearfish, SD
The Arctic Scoop
Louisville, KY
Pied Piper Creamery
Nashville, TN
Hansen’s Sno-Bliz Sweet Shop
New Orleans, LA
Sweet Ritual
Austin, TX
Gelato Fiasco
Portland, ME
Tropical Dreams Ice Cream
Salt Lake City, UT
The Charmery
Baltimore, MD
Ben & Jerry’s
Burlington, VT
Allston, MA
The Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar
Virginia Beach, VA
Love’s Ice Cream
Grand Rapids, MI
Seattle, WA
Izzy’s Ice Cream
Saint Paul, MN
West Virginia
Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream
Charleston, WV
Deep South Pops
Jackson, MS
Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company
Madison, WI
Ices Plain & Fancy
St. Louis, MO
Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop
Laramie, WY
District of Columbia
Pleasant Pops
Washington, D.C.

Recommendations: We wanted to know what we should try at each of these places, so we went to the experts: the shops themselves. Here's what they recommended:

Love’s Ice Cream, Michigan

This shop’s customers are quite fond of their Amaretto Cherry and Lavender Blueberry vegan flavors.

Jake’s Ice Cream, Georgia

For the health-conscious, Jake recommends the coconut milk-based and naturally sweetened Joyscream, an original recipe filled with super foods. For people looking to let loose a little more, try the Raspberry Almond Swirl, Dark Chocolate Puddin’, or Roasted Coconut.

The Arctic Scoop, Kentucky

The Arctic Scoop is all about selection- they offer 55 vegan flavors that are custom made for you using liquid nitrogen. These include favorites such as cookies and cream, and also more unexpected mixes like Bavarian cream with pretzels. They’ve also created a lactose-free Pet Pal Treats so your puppy can beat the heat, too.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Pennsylvania

This ice cream shop gets creative with flavor combinations- sample the Chocolate Salt Malt, Speculoos (cookie butter), and Coconut Chai.

Gelato Fiasco, Maine

For the lovers of rich, creamy desserts who want to avoid the cream, try their Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto. It is fabulous on its own, or paired with Ripe Mango or Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto.

Hop Ice Cream Cafe, North Carolina

Some of the flavors Hop Ice Cream has created have to be seen to be believed. Go on a culinary adventure with Indian Rice Pudding, Thai Curry, or Carrot Ginger Sorbet, all dairy-free. If you’re not quite ready for these, they recommend their top selling Banana Creme, a creamy frozen treat that has no milk of any kind.

Ice Cream Joy, Ohio

Vegans rejoice! This shop’s two recommended flavors are Cayenne Sweet Potato Pecan and Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Dough, both vegan and both delicious.

Ices Plain & Fancy, Missouri

Ices is proud to offer any ice cream as non-dairy, given their liquid nitrogen flash-churning. If this means too much choice, they recommend trying their German Chocolate, which is coconut/almond milk based and topped with candied coconut and walnuts.

Pied Piper Creamery, Tennessee

This shop is heaven for sorbet lovers, as their summer sorbets flavors include chocolate coconut, strawberry, raspberry, cantaloupe, and perpetual favorite watermelon sorbet. They also offer LactAid right in the store, in case you want to stop for a spur-of-the-moment dairy treat.

Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, Louisiana

Interesting flavor combinations are the name of the game at Hansen’s. Watermelon and cucumber, satsuma and cardamom, vanilla and lemonade...all dairy-free!

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social, Oklahoma

Roxy’s recommends their most popular non-dairy flavor, German Chocolate. It’s coconut milk based, and has candied pecans and toasted coconut mixed in.

Like No Udder, Rhode Island

Try the cashew-based Cookies and Cream or Almond Joyful, both available at their newly-opened storefront location.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company, Wisconsin

Enjoy a dairy-free dessert in multiple formats here: soy-based ice cream, italian ice, and even a soon-to-be-added vegan specialty shake! Carrot Mango is a local favorite.

Pleasant Pops, Washington DC

The top recommendation has to be Strawberry Ginger Lemonade- even President Obama gave it a try when he visited!

Wild Scoops, Alaska

Warm yourself up by trying some Fireweed Lemon Sorbet, get your blood pumping with Good Morning, Alaska (coffee coconut with cacao nibs), or just embrace the outdoors and get Snow (coconut with toasted flakes)

Sweet Peaks, Montana

Chocolate lovers should sample the Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream, made with coconut milk and tasting like a Fudgesicle. If you want something fruitier, pick up some Lemon Cucumber Basil sorbet.

Izzy's Ice Cream, Minnesota

Non-dairy diners can enjoy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Sorbet, or a fruity Raspberry and Passionfruit flavor. If you can't decide between two, why not try their 'Izzy Scoop', which adds a small scoop of a second flavor on top of your main ice cream for an excellent combination.

Rock Salt Creamery, New Hampshire

This shop innovates with both non-dairy flavors and styles. Get your frozen treat fix with a vegan ice cream bar, or vegan ice cream sandwich.

Cool Scoops, New Jersey

This 50's-style diner regularly offers vanilla and chocolate dairy free flavors, a variety of gelati, and dairy free shakes.

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This article was written by Justina Tran.