AIESEC US Network on Tripping

AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, offers young people all over the globe the opportunity to change the world – to learn the skills and gain the experience to be truly global citizens. It has a presence in more than 107 countries and territories and has more than 50,000 members. As a leading global platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC works with a number of businesses and organizations to provide them with access to a global pool of high-quality talent. Through these partnerships, AIESEC seeks to change the world through cultural understanding, while providing young leaders with the opportunity for internship exchanges. AIESEC provides its members with a wide spectrum of opportunities for leadership, for development of relationships with a global network, and for professional growth. It partners with a number of leading companies and organizations, ranging from technology companies to financial services companies and global management schools. AIESEC US' domestic and global partners include Microsoft, Thunderbird School of International Management, ING – and now Tripping! We are excited to be partnering with AIESEC US, to provide a safe, online platform for members to easily connect across campuses in the U.S. and during their international internships. Via the AIESEC United States Network on Tripping, members can meet local members of the AIESEC Network wherever they go. For example, imagine going to NYC and meeting up with locals who are part of the AIESEC Network that are currently living there. They'll give you travel tips, talk to you about living in their city over shared cups of coffee and even invite you into their homes. Your trips will instantly become more colorful, cultural and memorable. When at home, as a member of the AIESEC Network you can meet travelers and local members for conversation, parties, dinners and other local activities. To read more about the AIESEC Network and how to join click here. Happy travels!