Dubai is the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates and the pride of the Middle East. The city has changed the definition of luxury and hospitality, and has made a distinctive place on the global map. The UAE is now known more as the world’s leading entertainment and tourism hub than as the biggest oil exporter to the world.

A must-visit on the travel list of almost every traveller, here’s a complete travel guide to Dubai including the food, accommodations, transportation, and more.

Use This Guide To Plan Your Trip To Dubai


Known as the playground of the rich, there’s abundance of luxury in Dubai and unimaginable comfort. From Burj Al Arab, the world's best hotel where a one-night stay costs a minimum of $24000, to a budget-friendly accommodation with basic amenities starting at $15, Dubai has a plethora of options across all price ranges. Areas near Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, and the entire stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road consist of high-end luxury hotel accommodations. Areas around Bur Dubai and Deira are more budget-friendly and easier on the wallet.


Dubai is home to expats from almost every part of the world, so you can find the world's most popular cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, European, Italian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Emirati, Pakistani, and Lebanese. As with anywhere, the more you pay for a meal, the more luxury and hospitality you receive. The street hawkers in Dubai are as busy during the evenings as the well-known fine-dines of the city if you're feeling adventurous. The choice is entirely on how much you want to spend on food and experience.


Transportation in the city of Dubai ranges from one extreme to the other. You can fly from one destination to another in a luxury charter plane, or take the Dubai metro across the city with passes that cost as little as $3. Riding on the driverless metro of Dubai is one of the best activities to do while visiting the city. The metro system is fast, has a stop near almost every major tourist attraction, and is also world-famous, featuring the latest technology and completing construction within 18 months.

Taxis are also easily available across the city and are affordable, too. However, the traffic often makes the metro a better option. If you need rides to and from the airport, and a trip to nearby emirates, you can book through respectable tour operators like Rayna tours and enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Most popular attractions in Dubai

Burj Al Arab: This is the tallest manmade structure in the world and is more than three times taller than the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Malls of Dubai: The city is known as the shopping capital of the world, and boasts of some of the best and the largest malls across the globe.

Dubai Desert Safari: Known as one of the best activities in Dubai, the Dubai Desert Safari is famous for its entertainment options, dune bashing, and impeccable hospitality.

Global Village: A colossal theme park with booths that feature the best food, culture, and souvenirs from over 70 countries.

Dubai Aquarium: This is the largest suspended acrylic aquarium in the world, boasting over 33,000 aquatic animal species, including sharks and rays.

Dubai Miracle Garden: A garden with more than 45 million flowers that are arranged in designs and shapes to please the tourists. It is the world’s biggest natural flower garden.

Jumeirah Beach: The only free beach in Dubai, it boasts a beautiful shoreline and a stunning backdrop of luxurious Burj Al Arab, the world-class 7-star hotel.

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is full of tourists almost all year round, but you should be aware that the desert city sees soaring temperatures during the summer months. Unless you tolerate the heat well, the best time to visit the city is widely considered to be from November to March. This is when the city’s entertainment and celebrations are at their peak, and you can experience the best of Dubai.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dubai

• Drinking alcohol in public places is strictly prohibited. You need to obtain a license to purchase alcohol from shops, and drinks are only available at higher-end restaurants.

• Don’t do drugs. Dubai observes 100% intolerance when it comes to consuming drugs, no matter how small the amount. Some medicinal drugs are banned for the same reason.

• Unless you’re planning to hit the dance floor at a club, don’t even think of carrying your boom box to public places. In Dubai, you cannot play loud music or dance on the streets. It is strictly prohibited.

• Dubai is a city visited by a lot of honeymooners and couples in love, but avoid getting cozy at public places. Dubai is a conservative city and puts cultural values at the highest order. There are cases where couples are fined and even jailed for being indecent in public.

• Do not show unnecessary skin while in Dubai. No, not even at the beach. Wearing skimpy swimwear is considered offensive. Under no circumstances go topless tanning in Dubai unless you want to get arrested.

Flight information for Dubai

With only two runways, Dubai has one of the busiest international airports in the world. In 2015 alone, Dubai's airport handled over 78 million passengers, 2.51 million tons of cargo and registered 403,516 aircraft movements. The major airlines are Emirates, Etihad airways, Air Arabia, and FlyDubai.

This article was written by Neha Singh.