The world is more accessible than ever and young people are making travel a way of life. Whether you’re a millennial with dreams of the expat life or want to spend one post-school summer exploring the world and living out of a backpack, here is the list of blogs you need to check out for helpful tips and inspiration, whatever your travel budget and style.

Top Travel Blogs

1. Young Adventuress

The Young Adventuress (whose name is Liz) is an inspiration for young travelers of all stripes. Her adventures range from hiking and dog sledding in Finland to snacking on tapas in Seville to visiting Hobbit houses in New Zealand. She has great tips to bring your own travel bug to life and her charming, approachable style makes world travel seem doable for any budget or travel style.

2. Indie Traveller

Whether you’re considering one backpacking trip or are ready to give it all up and go full-blown nomad, Marek, a long-term independent traveler, is an essential resource. In addition to the his budget travel guides on everywhere from Laos to Belize, his posts get down to the nitty-gritty of topics like how to pack light, how to make money while traveling, and how to find cheap flights.

3. The Savvy Backpacker

This site is a dream come true for budget travelers headed for Europe, because that’s exactly what it’s geared toward. From tips on planning an itinerary, how to use public transportation, how to avoid travel scams, and the best travel underwear (seriously) this website has everything you’ll need to prep for a long trip through Europe no matter how small your budget or your backpack.

4. Twenty-Something Travel

The title says it all. This is a travel blog dedicated to Generation Y. It was founded to show young people with any budget or timeframe that international travel is totally possible. The blog features travel guides on exotic places ranging from Egypt to Fiji, as well as helpful tips on trip planning, traveling solo, staying healthy while traveling, and taking the plunge into expat life.

5. World of Wanderlust

Created by a gal with a serious travel bug, World of Wanderlust has just about everything you want from a travel blog: beautiful photography, locations familiar and exotic, helpful travel tips, and a killer wardrobe. Whether it’s a post about how to pack for hot and cold climates in one suitcase, the best travel beauty products, or gorgeous photos of destinations like Cambodia and Estonia, WOW always inspires.

6. The Great Affair

Candace Rose Rardon is an artist with a truly unique travel blog. In addition to her photos and thoughtful prose, Candace includes beautiful hand drawn and painted watercolors of her travels, like an apartment in Lofoten, Norway or a street scene in Singapore or even “an illustrated history of yurts.” Her sketches offer an artistic and whimsical twist on the ubiquitous travel blog and her intimate posts inspire a different kind of travel itch, one that explores faraway places at a slower pace.

7. Ashley Abroad

Ashley is the quintessential millennial world traveler. As she puts it: “at the age of 21, three weeks after graduation, I called it quits on normal and moved to Paris.” She’s been traveling the world and embracing adventure ever since. Her blog includes inspirational destination guides from Hong Kong to Jordan and helpful advice on everything a young, low-budget traveller needs to know, like how to Couchsurf safely, which suitcases to use, and how to work as an au pair.

8. That Backpacker

We’re giving you a two-for-one here because That Backpacker, Audrey, is one half of a husband and wife globetrotting duo (husband Sam blogs at Currently based in South America, Audrey’s travel guides (from Myanmar to Romania) are all-encompassing and delve deeper than most tourists are willing to go. Audrey and Sam get familiar with the local way of life, preferring a slower, less-touristy form of travel, making them an excellent resource for young travelers who want something more than just visiting famous monuments.

9. Two to Travel (and Tango)

This is a travel blog meant for millennials, written by millennials. Husband and wife travel gurus, Laura and Patrick, share a passion for exploring the world and have a wealth of tips and knowledge to share. Whether it’s Frequent Flyer 101, tips on credit cards, or even a honeymoon guide specifically for millennials, these two are all about living life with an open heart and experiencing as much of the world as possible, no matter your budget.

This article was written by Katie Vaughan.