If you're planning your honeymoon for the month of September, you've picked an excellent time to travel. The weather is still warm, which means that beach destinations are a great option. Furthermore, there are far fewer tourists in the most popular travel destinations, giving you a quieter and more intimate experience wherever you decide to go. These nine destinations are some of the very best for a romantic honeymoon getaway.

Best September Honeymoon Destinations

1. Montreal, Canada

Beat the heat (and tourists) and experience the onset of fall in Montreal! Montreal has many delectable restaurants to try and even more beautiful places for romantic walks post dinner (because who doesn’t get desert on their honeymoon?), including the Botanical Gardens Lantern Festival, the Lachine Canal, and a plethora of back alleyways full of gardens, flowers, and secluded spots to sneak a kiss (or two!). Montreal also has wonderful spas for pampering, parks for picnicking, and even a cat café to share your - hopefully - mutual love of cats and coffee.

Climate during September: Temperatures are in the cool-to-crisp neighborhood (low to mid 60s), translating to dresses and shorts during the day with cardigans, light jackets and pants at night.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a great place to check out the Dalmatian Coast, all from the safety of a beautiful fortress full of Baroque-style buildings. Tourist season is waning so prices will be cheaper yet the water is still nice and inviting (60s to 70s). Take a stroll along the city walls and enjoy the views of the Adriatic, terracotta roofs, and the Old Port. Have a cocktail and enjoy local seafood whilst watching the sunset in a café built into a cliff-face. Dubrovnik is also an ideal launching pad for day trips around Croatia: check out nearby cities or visit a seemingly endless array of beautiful islands (over a thousand!).

Climate during September: Temperatures range about the same as the water, between 60 and 70 degrees, so warmer clothes are a good idea for the mornings and evenings.

3. Nice, France

First and foremost: it’s the French Riviera (need we say more?). Nice is perfect for those who love the beach but prefer pebbles to sand, are fashion oriented (lots of fashionable boutiques = fashionable people watching), and want to partake in a vibrant, Euro-chic nightlife. Nice is also ideal for couples with a love of history that you can see: Roman Ruins, onion-shaped domes of the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and Baroque churches in Old Town.

Climate during September: Temperatures are mid-60s to low-70s, meaning the pebbly beaches are still a viable option.

4. Paxos, Greece

Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands and can only be reached by boat, making this the ideal spot for a laid back, quiet, and cozy honeymoon. Paxos is approximately seven miles long by two and a half miles wide, filled with olive and cyprus trees, pebble beaches, and small fishing villages (i.e. everything you need for a slow paced and relaxing time). The western half of the island is full of sea caves and limestone cliffs, while the eastern half has your civilized needs: fishing villages and picturesque bays.

Climate during September: Expect temperatures to stay above 60 degrees and below 80 degrees, making this spot ideal for beach clothing all day.

5. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia has phenomenally seductive beaches that everyone knows about, but come September those beaches are wide open and available to those who aren’t stuck behind their nine to five. On top of the beach scene, Sardinia has plenty of ruins to explore, mountains to hike, caves along the coast to visit via kayak, and delectable seafood to be tried. If you find yourself asking, “What about animals?” not to worry, there’s a turtle sanctuary and aquarium you can visit.

Climate during September: Temperatures range from low-60s to high-70s, with little rainfall and lots of sunshine.

6. North Devon, England

North Devon (southwest England) has many sandy beaches, craggy coves, windswept moors, charming villages with Michelin starred restaurants, and most importantly, little to no tourists. Aside from seaside strolls, couples can try surfing (wetsuit? you betcha) at Woolacombe beach. There’s also many particularly English-y places to check out, including the Gnome Reserve and Wild Flower Garden, Babbacombe Model Village, and many beautiful and ornate gardens.

Climate during September: Temperatures here are on the colder side of this list: highs in the low-60s and lows in the low-50s.

7. Madagascar

Admittedly, Madagascar isn’t a destination generally thought of when honeymoons are being discussed, which works well for those wishing to not be surrounded by other newly weds and have a deep love of nature and wildlife. A visit in September means you can catch the tail end of the humpback whale season (pun intended) off the coast of Ile Sainte Marie and catch the land based wildlife out and about after hibernating. Also, baby lemurs.

Climate during September: Temperatures range from highs in the mid-70s and lows in the low-50s, meaning you’ll have to bring a jacket (which is okay, you look great in that jacket!)

8. Maldives

Mantas, hammerheads, and sea wrecks, oh my! Couples with a passion for scuba will probably already know this, but Maldives is the place to go diving and snorkeling. Don’t have a scuba certification? Don’t worry, you and your beau can take care of that here (adventure!). It should be noted that you’ll be catching the end of the monsoon season and half the month sees rainfall. Rainclouds usually pass over fairly quickly however, meaning the whole day isn’t rain filled (massages are even more relaxing with the sound of rainfall…)

Climate during September: Expect highs in the mid-80s and lows in the mid-70s, so leave the pants at home (where they belong.)

9. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Generally speaking, there is no wrong time to visit Tenerife as it enjoys warm, sunny days almost year round. Having said that, September is particularly nice and prices aren’t at their highest. Tenerife has beautiful beaches and oodles of hiking opportunities, making it the perfect spot for the active, outdoor-minded couple. Not so active? No worries, you don’t have to climb mountains to enjoy the views: there’s a cable car to the summit of Mount Teide, offering breath-taking views of the island.

Climate during September: Temperatures range from highs in the low-80s and lows in the high-60s.

This article was written by Eric Dressel.