If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, the Caribbean is the obvious choice. It has sun-drenched towns, beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and clear water. Within the Caribbean, however, there is a myriad of different islands, cities, and beaches where you can choose to have your wedding. Here are 9 of the best options to help guide you in your decision. Just make sure all your paperwork is in order to make sure you’re actually married after the ceremony since you’ll most likely be outside of the country.

9 Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings

1. Ffryes Beach, Antigua

Ffryes Beach (yes, we spelled that correctly) is located on the west coast of Antigua, which has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Ffryes is perfect for a wedding because it’s easy to get to, but not crowded. It also has beautiful scenery of tropical plants and driftwood — and of course gorgeous turquoise waters.

2. Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

This intimate island is known for having the softest sand on its beaches, and Rendezvous Bay, the longest beach on Anguilla, is no exception. Palm trees dot the crescent-shaped shore, and because Anguilla isn’t the most crowded of the Caribbean islands, it’s easy to find a spot for a quiet and romantic ceremony.

3. Grace Bay, Anguilla

This beach, on the largest island of Turks & Caicos, Providenciales, is a main spot for tourists looking to do anything for parasailing to getting married. Many resorts that offer wedding packages sit along the shore, making it easy to reserve a spot on the beach.

4. Seven Mile Beach, Anguilla

Though it now only measures 5.5. miles, Seven Mile Beach is still famous for its length, coral sands, sparkling water, and the chance to swim with stingrays nearby. You can also get married there (there’s lots of spots to choose from thanks to its size).

5. Pinney’s Beach, Anguilla

Pinney’s Beach starts just outside Charlestown, the capital of St Kitts and Nevis on the island of Nevis, and goes on for three miles from there, making it easy to find a beautiful area along it to get married on at the public beach. There are also resorts along the beach, including a luxurious Four Seasons.

6. Cane Garden Bay, Anguilla

Cane Garden Bay is located on Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands. It’s also the main beach of this island, with plenty of activities, swimming, and bars that get going at night, as well as more relaxed spots to hold your wedding at

7. Hawksnest Beach, Anguilla

Hawksnest Beach is located in a national park; in other words the scenery is incredible. You will have to design your wedding a little bit around the destination, however. The light for pictures is best in the morning, and the beach is on the smaller side. If you do have a lot of guests, try to instead hold the ceremony at the nearby Trunk Bay.

8. Macao Beach, Anguilla

Macao Beach used to be known for being one of the unspoiled beaches near Punta Cana. Though it has been developed somewhat, it is still more peaceful than many of its neighbors, making it a perfect spot to get married — as long as you’re not too near the Surf Camp. You may have to shuttle guests her from the hotel or rental they are staying at, however.

9. Sandy Toes, Anguilla

Located on the private Rose Island, Sandy Toes is usually a day excursion for those on cruise ships or vacationing on larger Bahamian islands. There are, however, beach villas available for rent, as well as wedding packages if you want to tie the knot in this secluded spot.

This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.