In the U.S., Pokemon Go, the sensational new AR mobile game, has created a state-wide frenzy among the entire nation. That can definitely be said for fans all around the globe as well, who have all gone out aimlessly in search of rare hidden pocket monsters and to take control of "gyms” situated in and around real locations around the world. You already know about the best places in the U.S. to catch Pokemon, but Asia is another one of those spots where players can find tons of Pokestops. So without further ado, here are nine of the best places to catch Pokemon in Asia.

Find The Best Places In Asia To Catch Pokemon

1. Tao Payoh Dragon Playground

It’s one of the most beloved spots in Singapore, and since the launch of the Pokemon craze, the dragon-shaped sand-based playground has become even more famous-- it’s known to be a true Pokemon hot spot. On any given day of the week, you’ll be sure to find tons of Pokemon fans crowding around the ground in pursuit of the best creatures.

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The Senso-Ji temple in Kyoto, Japan, is one of the most epic spots to catch Pokemon.

2. Senso-ji Temple

Located in the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo’s oldest and most significant ancient temple is not only colorful and popular amongst tourists, but also a safe haven for players hoping to find monsters like Blastoise, Sandshrew, Machop, and Bellsprout.

Because of the large body of water nearby in Sumida River, you’ll be able to scout out a variety of rare Pokémon types. The Buddhist space also contains one of the coolest and most competitive Pokémon Go gyms in Tokyo, the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) gym. You’ll staring in awe as Teams Mystic, Valor, and Instinct take each other on in fierce battles full of strong Pokémon for ownership of the gym.

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3. Imperial Palace

It’s another Tokyo favorite and has recently become the Japanese version of New York’s Central Park when it comes to catching Pokémon. Crowds flock towards the vast garden areas everything single day—and since the palace itself is surrounded by water, you’ll definitely have no trouble finding some of those Magickarps that will give provide you with the much-needed candies to evolve into powerful Gyarados.

Unlike other spots, the Pokémon found here may not always be so rare—but the amount of monsters to be caught make up for the lack of diversity. Capture tons of common-type Pokémon quickly and efficiently. If you’re lucky, you might just find the powerful Magmar lurking somewhere around the Emperor's home.

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Tokyo's Imperial Palace is another ideal Pokestop that you shouldn't miss.

4. ION Orchard

Singapore's most popular shopping mall is home to several Pokestops. Tons of Pokémon have been caught here, such as the Rhyhorn or a Snorlax – in fact, it’s one of the best place to catch virtual characters anywhere in that same area.

What’s more is that Orchard Turn Developments, the manager of ION Orchard mall, plans to release hundreds of Pokemon Go lures at the mall, which will no doubt attract a large number of Pokemon to that specific location. Score.

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5. Shibuya

Another go to place in Tokyo to find Pokémon would be Shibuya. We all well know that creatures such as Jigglypuff, Grimer, Electabuzz, and Tangela adore being in the city, making this Japanese hotspot a heaven on earth for Pokémon Go players in search of numerous PokéStops. Refill your items and get a good boost by heading out to this special ward. You might even want to stop at the Tokyo Tower, which happens to be a can’t miss competitive gym in Tokyo! Test out those battle skills by competing and defending along with stellar views 332.9 meters above the ground.

Oh, and let’s not forget Shinjuku, which has been deemed a "Pikachu Paradise.” Unbelievable amounts of those cute yellow critters have been caught in this major commercial and administrative center. Perhaps they’re the ones that are actually generating the energy necessary to keep those famous Shinjuku lights on through the entire night!

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The National Monument in Jakarta is a prime location for catching Pokemon.

6. National Monument - Jakarta

Surprising as it may see, Central Jakarta’s National Monument (Monas) is one of the most notable places to catch rare Pokémon. You’ll find numerous business players distributing in-game items known as lures into the area, so come weekend times, the spot is a landmark for Pokémon hunters of all sorts.

Get ready to throw some Pokéballs once you see a monster pop up onto the screen. You’ll also be in the presence of a 132-meter tower commemorating the struggle for Indonesian independence. Let freedom ring.

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7. Odaiba

Head on over to a little island in the Tokyo Bay area if you’re looking to find some difficult-to-reach Pokémon. Like the little creatures, this often-times difficult-to-reach place is well worth the visit, as it’s filled with tons of places to go to and to see.

What’s more is that since it's an island, you’ll for sure find plenty of water-type Pokémon-- as well as those who live on the ground. Get ready to capture some Voltorb, Machop, Drowzee, Magnemite, and Meowth.

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8. Central Park Mall

With nine PokéStops and two gyms, Jakartans flock to this popular mall just to catch the best and rarest of Pokémon. Aside from its wealth of PokéStops, Central Park lures in visitors with its super strong mobile signal. Plus, the Podomoro Tower Fountain inside the mall complex boasts three PokéStops all by itself!

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9. Meiji-Jingu Shrine

Covered with just about one hundred seventy acres of forest, the infamous Shinto shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken, is home to a bounty of Pokémon hidden within some majestic trees. Nearby, you’ll also find Yoyogi Park, a giant area with even more grass and flying-type Pokémon—not to mention some water-types that tend to hang around in the ponds surrounding the park.

After a day of adventuring, make sure to check out Harajuku, the center of some of the most extreme Japanese youth cultures and fashion styles, and an all-around trendy spot to head to after a day of Pokemon hunting. Plus, the area is full of PokéStops and Pokémon that actually like being in the city. And since there are so many different environments in the area, you’ll for sure be catching a diverse array of critters well into the night.

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This article was written by Pamela Chan.