Nothing beats the taste of warm apple cider on a crisp fall day with gorgeous fall leaves everywhere. Something about it seems to blend perfectly with the beauty of fall leaves, and makes you feel like you are experiencing the most of the fall season! Here are the best places for apple cider in the United States - be sure to stop by this fall during your visit to these areas. Or, if you really love the fall season, plan a special weekend getaway and put these places on your itinerary!

The Best Places To Try Apple Cider In the U.S.

1. Cold Hollow Cider Mill

3600 Waterbury Stowe Road, Waterbury Center, VT

Cider production began in 1974 in what is now New England’s largest producer of apple cider. This Vermont legend is one of the few mills that produce apple cider all year round. It’s open seven days a week, from 8 AM to 6 PM. On top of that, this wholesale cider production facility still presses cider the old-fashioned way. 7.5 million pounds of apples are pummeled with a “rack and cloth” press that was built in the 1920’s. Why change what isn’t broken, right? Cold Hollow Cider Mill wins for keeping with tradition and preserving the integrity of classic apple cider.

2. Arsenal Cider House

300 39th Street (at Penn Ave.), Pittsburgh, PA

Arsenal Cider House specializes in hard apple cider, as well as cider-style wines and mead. That doesn’t mean they drown out the flavor of apple cider with liquor. Their drinks are balanced and apple-forward. Each of their hard ciders brings out the unique flavors of different apples. Some ciders are tart and effervescent; others are crisp and refreshing. In addition to beverages, the cider house offers spiked sorbets for dessert.

3. Apple Holler’s Family Farm

5006 South Sylvania Avenue, Sturtevant, WI

Fresh apple cider to wash down apple fritters, doughnuts and turnovers? Yes, please! Apple Holler’s Family Farm in Sturtevant, Wisconsin brings out the best in fresh, quality apple cider. Order a cup of hot caramel apple cider to go with your breakfast, or grab a cup of fresh-pressed apple cider from the orchard. This family farm serves apple cider perfection, both hot and cold!

4. Royal Oak Farm Orchard

15908 Hebron Road, Harvard, IL

There are many things you can do with apple cider. You can make apple cider donuts, apple cider vinegar. But apple cider slushies? This beverage is unique to Royal Oak Farm Orchard in Harvard, Illinois. You can get the blended drink, apple cider donuts and regular apple cider all for just $20. You can bet the apple products are top notch. The farm has over 26 varieties of apples on more than 12,000 trees. It’s no wonder they’ve got everything from caramel apples to apple cider slushies! It’s absolute heaven for apple lovers out there.

5. White Mountain Cider Company

207 U.S. 302, Bartlett, NH

Get some fresh apple cider, courtesy of the White Mountain Cider Company in Bartlett, New Hampshire. You can watch apple pressing from mid-September through December at the mill, and sample cider right off the press. You can also stop by the restaurant and cocktail bar for a taste of house cocktails with apple and cider additions. The White Mountain Cider Company is revamping the apple cider in the best way possible.

6. Dexter Cider Mill

3685 Central Street, Dexter, MI

Dexter Cider Mill has been making apple cider the same way for 120 years. They use locally grown and hand-picked apples, of course. But the way they blend three to five different apple varieties per press makes each press unique. Their other apple products are just as original, made from scratch with that extra-special touch. They’ve got apple butter, pastries and vinegars. Dexter Cider Mill is a local treasure—not only is it the oldest continuously operating Cider Mill in the state, it’s also one of Michigan’s must-see destinations.

7. Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

4 Clinton Street (at E. Houston Street), New York City

It’s called hot apple butter cider, and it tastes exactly as it sounds. The maple butter adds another dimension to the apple cider, elevating the classic beverage from great to divine. Some guests have described Clinton’s take on the drink as “apple pie in a cup.” The hot apple butter cider is perfect for the cold season, and will warm you up from the inside out.

8. Apple Hill Growers

2461 Larsen Drive, Camino, CA

The east coast seems to be knocking it out of the ballpark when it comes to the cider showdown. But the west coast produces some great apple cider, too! Take Apple Hill Growers, located about halfway between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. Their apple cider is everything you want from the classic drink: cold, fresh and crisp. It tastes extra refreshing after an afternoon of arts and crafts, candle-making, pumpkin picking and apple picking the orchard offers.

9. Barista Parlor

519B Gallatin Avenue (Calvin Avenue), Nashville, TN

Apple cider plus espresso? Sounds a little iffy at first, but the Barista Parlor knows how to pair unlikely ingredients to create stellar concoctions. Take their fall menu item, The Clovercroft, which is a fall coffee soda with a spiced apple cider reduction. It’s shaken with Slayer Espresso and includes Ginger Beer, Burlesque Bitters and Apple Peel. Somehow, the combination of these ingredients works. Leave it to Nashville to turn apple cider into a hip new beverage.

10. Bonus: Liqueteria. (Not exactly cider, but…)

1440 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA


This article was written by Hanna Choi.