Tiaras, boas, flashing lights, slot machines, and luxe resorts may all be great ways for some blushing brides to spend their last few days of singledom. But let’s face it, not every lucky lady favors the party scene, or wants a hen party planned around getting down and dirty until the wee hours of the morning. Some wife’s-to-be just want to lay back and relax with their best gal pals before slipping into that gorgeous white dress for the big day.

So do something uniquely different for your last bash by skipping ‘traditional’ Sin City-themed party hubs and going to some way more peaceful hotspots that’ll have you and the girls indulging in soothing facials, gossiping over mani-pedis, sipping on glasses of cucumber water, or basking in the glories of sand, surf, and eternal sun. Get in touch with your inner Zen without having to deal with massive hangovers or any of the stereotypical booze-fueled, embarrassment-aimed madness that typically occurs at bachelorette parties. Have an amazing fun-filled and memory-infused getaway with the besties at these less wild hotspots. Here are the nine best bachelorette party destinations for the bride that loves to relax.

Relax At These 9 Bachelorette Party Destinations

1. Napa Valley, California

One word enough should entice you and the girls to flock to this Northern California beauty: wine. Still, besides the abundance of tasty sips available, there are also plenty of other relaxing activities to revel in as well. After spending the day touring winery after winery (i.e. Beau Wine Tours, Napa Valley Wine Trolley and Pure Luxury Wine Tours), why not pamper yourself at one of the many spas, or take a hot air balloon ride, bike ride, or simple stroll through the glorious grapevine region? There’s even the option of kicking off those heels in one of the many gardens in town and savoring some delicious eats at one of the area’s many fine restaurants-- all to unbelievably gorgeous backdrops, numerous famous vineyards, and rows of lush rolling hills.

With all its seemingly endless supply of sparkling champagne, wine country is the place to get away with the girls for an idyllic bachelorette party that’ll no doubt leave some lasting memories. Be sure to rent a party bus to shuttle you from one vineyard to the next without worrying about anyone playing designated driver. Also remember to take in one of those blessed restorative massages over at Meritage Resort—it’s an underground spa built to look like a wine cave. What more could you ask for?

2. Kerala, India

Situated along India’s Malabar Coast, this is the ultimate destination where you can relax and unwind with your girls, all while losing yourselves in the arms of Mother Nature. It’s shaped by a layered landscape, with almost six hundred kilometers of glistening Arabian Sea beaches, tranquil backwaters, sandy islands, and exquisite harbors. What’s more is that this popular cruise ship canal offers the perfect escape from hectic work life and chaotic wedding planning.

For the bride-to-be, make sure to treat yourself to one of the many world renowned spa treatments at the many upscale seaside resorts in town: including the Ayurvedic Massage Therapies like Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Treatments like Shirodhara, or the Cleanse Therapy to obtain that perfect glow just in time for the big day. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to gawk at those gorgeous Western Ghats further inland-- not only are the hilltops abundant with lush greens, but with spice plantations as well. Your taste buds will be tingling for more exotic goodness even after the party ends. Seriously, sail off to a world away from frenetic urban frenzy where wild elephants, elegant houseboats, Kathakali plays, temple festivals, and snake-boat races work together to bring everything to vivid life. It's hard to deny that Kerala indeed lives up to its name of 'God's Own Country'.

3. Montreal, Quebec

Want desperately to pull a Bridesmaids by taking a pre-wedding trip to Paris, but don’t really have the time or budget to jet off across the ocean to the City of Love? Experience those same feelings of French bliss with a trip up to this Canadian home away from home—a dynamically urban city offering cobblestone streets, artsy shops, and, of course, amazing French cuisine and wine. There’s a unique European and North American vibe within this captivating cultural juggernaut, which also features over a couple hundred theater and dance companies, close to a hundred arts festivals, and plenty of irresistible patisseries, English pubs, hipster bars, or quaint terraced cafes to spend away a lazy afternoon at. Plus, the city is an architectural heaven where you and the girls can experience a nice slice of old Europe in a pie of contemporary design by taking a horse drawn carriage ride though photogenic eighteenth century facades of Old Montréal before cycling through the Canal de Lachine. Top it off with a stroll past the wealth of heritage churches on site, such as the breathtaking Basilique Notre-Dame, or the rows of glittering “underground” downtown shops and museums.

What’s more is that in colder months, you and the gals have the chance to enjoy some ice-skating beside the St Lawrence River or skiing at one of the many fine resorts nearby. Even go crazy by cheering on local hockey legends Les Canadians de Montréal or picking up a quick game of puck-jostling at Parc Lafontain. In this North American city, the possibilities for good old laid back fun are endless.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona & Sedona, Arizona

Besides the loads of amazing golf courses that make this the perfect getaway spot for bachelor parties, there are also tons to do for all those brides-to-be as well, including the chance to take full advantage of spa treatments, infinity pools at area resorts, and even playing a round or two of t-ball themselves.

Plus, besides pampering it up with your girls with magnificent massages or other soothing treatments over at tourist-popular Old Scottsdale hotels, be sure to revel in some unique and classy dining experiences at the array of onsite restaurants, including Virtu, Café Monarch, and FnB. Plus, if you’re willing to take an easy two hour drive out with the girls, there’s also the colorful city of Sedona, Arizona just 125 miles nearby.

Enjoy the magic of the sunny Sononroan desert in a vast red rock wonderland featuring picturesque landscapes, numerous energy vortexes, and various other chances to make for the ultimate stress-zapping getaway before the big day. Spoil those girls with everything from hydrotherapy, Reiki, and astrology readings, to hot-air ballooning and lazy jeep tours—all before bunking down in an amenity-ridden room over at Enchantment Resort or snuggling in at a cozy B&B, a creek side cabin, or a well-appointed campground that’ll provide your hen party with oodles of nature-inspired charm. Head on off to Arizona, girls!

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only is it an easy flight from the East Coast—but you probably won't need a passport to get there. Hit the cobblestone streets to check out chic shops and even chicer restaurants, or better yet, hit that gorgeous stretch of endless beach. Savor rounds of coconut-cream cocktails or passion-fruit mojitos served up on the sand, all while spending loads of time in the sun with your very best girls. Better yet, get even more pumped up for the big day with activities like jet skiing, surfing, and kayaking!

Also make sure to salsa dance away those incredibly warm nights with massive amounts of flavorful margaritas-- all after a day filled with spa treatments, mani-pedis, and oceanfront lunches. There are also those infamous bioluminescent bays in Vieques to check out if you’re looking for a nice change of scenery. Simply said, this Caribbean island (and unincorporated U.S. territory!) is the perfect tropical paradise for any bachelorette party extravaganza.

6. Portland, Oregon

With artsy vibes, hot artisanal food, vibrant drink scenes, and the proud carrier of the title, “Hipster Capital, U.S.A.,” this Oregeon hotspot has everything to keep your girl power on and super buzzed. Split your time between craft-cocktail sipping, food-truck hopping, and boutique shopping (no sales tax!) in the bustling city center before taking in all the natural beauty of the Willamette River, which rushes through downtown. Let’s not even begin to mention Mount Hood, with its snowcapped peak and fir trees hovering in the background.

It’s safe to say that this West Coast fave screams culture, eco-friendliness, and true tranquility, especially at the iconic Washington Park, which encompasses sites such as the formal Japanese Garden and the Oregon Zoo. There’s also a thriving art, theater and music scene to relish in as well. So get ready to calm any pesky pre-wedding jitters by adding some Yin to your Yang. You and your favorite gal pals can even relax and chillax Cheryl Strayed-style with a splendid hike on the Pacific Coast Trail à la Wild. Portland is the ideal spot to stay at with the girls just one last time before you finally become a missus.

6. Lake Tahoe, California

If you’re the kind of girl who loves pitching tents as much as drinking long glasses of wine or beer, why not hit up this outdoorsy Californian hotspot featuring two entirely unique lake side? On the North endm you’ll find a totally serene summer camp-like atmosphere offering everything from hiking to skiing to water sports. Go further South and you’ll find yourself in the midst of party central and crazy selfie taking.

If you’re not in the mood for casinos, bars, and non-stop partying though, head on out to another nearby Californian icon—a.k.a Yosemite National Park. Nothing will make you and your nature-loving girls happier than a trip to this natural national site, where waterfalls, mountaintops, and famous backdrops come aplenty. Bike, hike, cruise, or horseback ride through a slew of scenic splendors before resting up at the Ahwahnee (it’s a hotel located in the park and offers views of Half Dome and Glacier Point!). Glamp in style before the big day in these Cali hotspots—they’re the ultimate choice for any outdoorsy bride.

7. Andaman Islands – Bay Of Bengal - India

If your idea of a perfect bachelorette party includes chilling out with your girls near (or even under!) the sea with beaches, barbeques, and babes galore, this is the place for you. Known as the “Maldives of India,” it’s the ideal place to get away from urban hustle and bustle to enjoy serene coastal waters, bunches of mangrove forests, world class diving and snorkeling options, as well as a gorgeously enflamed purple-orange sunset you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, with its intriguingly off the radar location, some 1370km from the mainland, it’s the ideal place to get far away from work stress, family frenzy, wedding chaos, and any other unwanted jitters. If you’re desperate for a place that’s calm, cool, and equally charming, this Southeast Asian archipelago is the spot to relax it to the max with your BFFs!

8. Charleston, South Carolina

It’s one of the most laid back destinations in the United States, making it one of the best places to go for an oh-so-relaxing bachelorette party of a lifetime. Stay in the array of luxurious hotels available, or rent a beach house where you and the girls can go sailing in the morning before spending away the afternoon sitting back on the dock over tons of good gossip and lots of fancy wine.

In this Southern Belle treasure, the possibilities are endless: From visiting Upper King Street (where there are a variety of clubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants), or weaving in and out of East Bay Street (which is near the city’s historic market), to booking a spa treatment at top hotspots like the Belmond Charleston Place and Francis Marion Hotel, or dining it out in the heart of the city at historic cuisineries such as 82 Queen, 39 Rue de Jean, A.W. Shucks, Circa 1886 and Hominy Grill, there is something for every blushing bride. Unravel and unwind from the everyday hustle and bustle by channeling true Southern charm with your girls at this classy, super low-key getaway. Plus, along with the chance to experience a little bit of everything, there’s also tons of nice Southern hospitality to go along with all that fun. Welcome to pure bliss, ladies.

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Unravel in the perfect blend of East and West at this charming cultural destination that’s perfect for any all-girls vacation. Shop till’ you drop at Grand Bazaar and the array of classic boutiques for some stylish Turkish attire, or take a private yacht cruise on Marmara Sea, see a fine dance show at Arabesque, or sample some tasty Baklava and apple teas at a local çay bahcesis (tea garden) or kahvehanı (coffeehouse). What’s more is that the cuisine in this populous transcontinental hotspot is truly just as diverse as the city’s heritage. You’ll be able to chow on edgy fusion creations such as aromatic Asian dishes and Italian classics, or if you choose to do so, sample tons of flavorsome mezes, succulent kebaps, and freshly caught fish—all before washing it down with the national drink, rakı (a grape spirit infused with aniseed). Yum.

After downing all that delicious food, be sure to wander through the endless streets of imperially adorned churches, palaces, and mosques, as well as the seriously large collection of legendary galleries, museums, and festivals within town. There truly is an extremely relaxing and cultural experience to find in this Old City. Plus, you and your girls will no doubt feel super good-- given all the infectious love of life and generosity of spirit offered at this vibrantly inclusive and expanding community. Make the best out of your single days at a place that not only harps on family and friendship, but also has no problem mixing tradition and modernity into everyday life. It’s a treasure spot for any sort of last hurrah with your leading ladies.

This article was written by Pamela Chan.