Whether your vacation plans include visiting local restaurants or exploring parks, Orlando has something for every dog owner and dog. Here are our very favorite dog friendly places in Orlando.

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Dog Friendly Places Worth Visiting in Orlando

1. Downey Dog Park

10107 Flowers Avenue

Downey Dog Park on Flowers Avenue allows your dog to explore freely, off leash! After your dog tires himself out from his new found freedom, bring him to one of the several dog friendly drinking fountains. Don’t worry about safety either because this park is fenced and has a separate area for smaller dogs.

2. Bark Avenue Bakery

7728 West Sand Lake Road

With 15 different shapes and flavors of all natural, gourmet dog treats, your pooch may feel like he is in doggie heaven when he enters Bark Avenue Bakery! All treats are baked in the store. There are even treats for diabetic and hypoallergenic dogs. Hopefully your dog does not drool too much upon seeing the hand-dipped treats covered in peanut butter! Visit Bark Avenue Bakery Monday through Saturday between 10 am and 8 pm, or on Sundays between noon and 5 pm.

3. Wildside BBQ Bar & Grille

700 E Washington Street

Located in Thornton Park, Wildside has a casual atmosphere with live entertainment for you and your dog. Bring your dog to the outdoor dining area as you enjoy barbeque, ribs, and Wildside’s secret sauce!

4. Barnett Dog Park

4801 West Colonial Drive

Let Fido explore Barnett Dog Park off leash in a fenced area. Take a break and watch your dog run around while you sit at the picnic tables. Orlando gets rather hot, but luckily Barnett Dog Park has a lot of trees for shade.

5. Boston Coffee House

12789 Waterford Lakes Parkway

Located near Waterford Lakes, Boston Coffeehouse offers a taste of New England while you are in Florida. Enjoy coffee and food outside on the patio with your dog!

6. Orlando Farmers Market

Lake Eola Park

Find treats for you and your dog at the Orlando Farmers Market, which is dog friendly! Take your dog on a shopping spree as you browse through pet clothing, travel accessories, supplies, and homemade treats. Don’t forget to treat yourself by buying artwork, fresh produce, and handmade jewelry. The Orlando Farmers Market is located at Lake Eola Park, on the corner of North Eola Drive and East Central Boulevard. The market is only open on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

7. Park of the Americas

201 Andes Avenue

Whether you have a pug or a golden retriever, dogs of all sizes are welcome at the Park of the Americas on Andes Ave. The park is separated into two areas. The small dog area is for dogs who weigh 35 pounds or less and the big dog area is for dogs over 35 pounds. Both areas are fenced in and allow your dog to be off leash.

8. Lake Eola

195 North Rosalind Avenue

Located in downtown Orlando, the path around Lake Eola is a great place to walk your dog. Find out what kind of music your dog likes by attending one of the concerts held at the amphitheater by the lake! Note that cleaning up after your dog is not an issue here since there are bag dispensers along the path.

9. Turkey Lake Park

3401 South Hiawassee Road

Experience the great outdoors with man’s best friend. Turkey Lake Park is a campground that has a variety of hiking trails for you and your dog to explore. There’s even a butterfly garden!

This article was written by Colleen Regan.