If you haven’t heard, there’s a new app in town: Pokémon Go. The wildly-popular “augmented reality” game has brought Pokémon back into the spotlight. For older players, it’s full of nostalgia; for youngsters, it’s a brand new adventure. From kids to college students to senior citizens, everyone seems to be trying to “catch ‘em all!”

Players must search diverse locations in “real life” in order to catch a wide variety of Pokémon—there are 142 available in all countries. Other game landmarks, such as Pokéstops (places to restock on items) and gyms (places where players “battle” each other), are found at real-life landmarks and institutions as well.

This destination-based opportunity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the tourism industry. NBC News recently reported on travel brands and tourist destinations taking advantage of the trend, attracting a diverse audience of customers. There’s even a company who will take you on a “Pokétrip” around the world. But you don’t need a company to do that for you; you can plan your own Pokémon adventure —starting with these eight locations that are great for Pokémon hunting.

8 Vacations Where You Can Catch 'Em All

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY

If you’re ready for an urban adventure, New York, NY is a prime spot for Pokémon. Monsters can be found scattered around every borough of the city, along with countless Pokéstops and gyms.

Landmarks often hold the highest concentration, though, and the Met is no exception. In fact, the firm MuseumHack offers guided Pokémon tours of the famous art museum.

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2. Walt Disney World - Anaheim, CA

The “happiest place on Earth” has quickly become the “Poke-est place on Earth.” Every nook and cranny of the expansive resort is packed with Pokemon, including some behind-the-scenes places only accessible by Disney staff!

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3. Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA

The park that houses one of the world’s most iconic bridges also houses plenty of Pokemon to catch. There are lots of individual locations within the park that beg to be explored: the historic Beach and Park Chalet, the Dutch Windmills, and Stow Lake all have Pokestops.

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4. Millennium Park - Chicago, IL

Not long after the Pokemon Go app was released, players in Chicago organized a massive meet-up event with Chicago’s landmark “bean” as centerpiece. Since then, “Pokemeets” have been organized worldwide, and Chicago is still one of the best places to catch critters.

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5. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, OH

In the heart of downtown Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a great place to search for Pokemon and learn a bit of rock ‘n roll history. This location also hints at the sense of humor of the Pokemon Go developers; rumor has it that plenty of rock-type Pokemon can be found there.

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6. Yosemite National Park - California

Not only will you feel like a true adventurer scrambling among Yosemite’s dramatic cliffs and valleys, but you’ll find a diverse array of Pokemon (in areas with cell service, of course).

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7. Coliseum Square Park - New Orleans, LA

This iconic ‘Nola park is more than just a great place to find Pokemon; it’s become a sort of temple to the legacy of the game. As reported in The Guardian, a statue of Pikachu, the franchise’s most iconic character, was mysteriously erected in a defunct fountain in Coliseum Park. Head there to check out the statue, the rest of the park, and of course more Pokemon.

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8. South Beach - Miami, FL

Pick a beach, any beach! Miami’s beautiful coastlines are swimming with water-type Pokemon, among many others. South Beach is a particularly popular spot, with some rarer electric-type monsters making appearances.

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