So what do you get when you pair a city with gorgeous views and people with a sense of style that is unmatched? A fashionable city! In case you haven’t been to these noteworthy cities, make sure you take a few lessons of style when you visit. Simply stop for a moment and look at how the locals dress: you will be impressed. And in case you have already been to these places, consider visiting them again, because they’re all worth a second shot (and besides, the trends change constantly in these chic cities.)

Visit These 8 Highly-Fashionable World Cities

1. New York

Aah yes… the Big Apple! Not only is it one of America’s most-loved cities, but New York has also brought things like graffiti, gothic art, and the hip-hop culture into the mainstream world of fashion. It is also famous as the birthplace of street fashion. The city has produced more iconic streetwear brands than any other city in the whole world, from classics like Supreme and ALIFE all the way to contemporary designers and brands like Alexander Wang and Public School. In fact, if there’s one city that can be accredited with the evolution in menswear, it has to be New York. The New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year that sets global trends. And on December 31st every year, every trend, every style and every person collide at Times Square for the ultimate inspiration.

2. Paris

Can you seriously write something on fashion and fashionable destinations without even mentioning this tiny five-lettered word with a really tall tower somewhere in it? It may be cliché, but no, you can’t! If New York is the birthplace of streetwear, then Paris is the home of high fashion and everything that’s luxe – or haute couture to be more precise. Amidst the city’s beautiful heritage, art, museums, and buttery French cuisine, (and of course French kisses), Paris boasts a legacy in high-end fashion that is practically indisputable. I’m taking about gods in the pantheon of fashion in the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent. The Paris Fashion Week is another calendar event that fashion enthusiast dare not miss. Oh, and did I forget to mention that French men and women are utterly hot and are often stereotyped for pulling off ‘chic’ in the most effortless of manners? Well there you have it, J'aime Paris!

3. Tokyo

Touted to be one of the most world's most expensive cities, and one with possibly the most advanced infrastructure in the world, Tokyo is home to everything between modern and bizarre when it comes to fashion. And that’s precisely what makes Tokyo’s fashion scene so fascinating. A plethora of trends and subcultures make the city’s fashion frontier a unique and immersive experience that not only paves the way for intense competition amongst both local and international retail brands, but also serves as an inspiration for fashion artists and designers across the world. Truly an ecosystem in itself, Tokyo showcases a number of brands including names like BAPE, WTAPS, Neighborhood, United Arrows, and COMME des GARÇONS that deliver everything from the conventional to the eccentric. By the way, did you know that Tokyo is also inherently one of the best places for Pokémon Go?

4. Milan

Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Moschino, Versace, and Missoni – do I even need to say anything else? While ancient Roman ruins and the early advent of Christianity within the country still heavily punctuate many cities with breathtaking art and architecture, Milan is the city that takes the cake for being the country’s fashion capital at the forefront of the continuously-evolving global fashion scene. Brands like Gucci and Versace have done wonders by combining locals' love for hip-hop with Italian (read: Roman) opulence to create a look that is luxurious, yet holds onto streetwear in the most subtle of ways. However, some fashion enthusiasts might think that the recent loud trendspotting at Milan Men’s Fashion week might actually be a threat to the country’s regal men’s dress as designers shift towards looks that are more casual and athletic.

5. Melbourne

Just like many others, I too like calling this place ‘Marvelous Melbourne’ – and it truly is marvelous. The second-largest city on the lonely continent is a fashionable tourist destination that you just can’t miss. And it’s not old-world heritage that makes this place marvelous; rather, it’s the exemplary modern architecture that’s both functional and artsy, and the beautiful landscaping that makes the city a visual delight. And why is it so fashionable? The creativity that dwells in the minds of the locals not only spews out in buildings and landscapes, but also in the world of fashion. Melbourne’s homegrown labels excel in their own European-influenced aesthetics, while a number of fashion-forward multi-brand retailers do no less to introduce the best of international fashion to wealthy Australians. In fact, Sneakerboy, a Melbourne-based brand of luxury sneakers and streetwear, is one of the few brands that can rightfully be accredited with pioneering the tech-driven, inventory-free business model to build popularity amongst other global designers and retailers. The Land Down Under may be better known for babes, beaches, and barbecues, but it’s no less fashionable than any other metropolis in the world.

6. London

A visit to the Queen’s palace should be a part of every travel junkie’s travel bucket list. But let’s not overlook the fact that London’s cultural influence has always far overshadowed the dying British Monarchy; be it British etiquette, intolerance to an influx of immigrants, or even the city’s influence on global fashion. London based designers such as J.W. Anderson, Craig Green and Nasir Mazhar have made their presence felt in the global fashion market with their extreme takes on gender and race. However, the youth still favors a more British take on streetwear – I’m talking dazzling vintage pieces over black sportswear and hyped sneakers. This may still be far away from whatever’s happening in cities like New York, but hey, it’s London! Oh by the way, did you know that possibly one of the greatest icons of fashion the world has ever seen was British? Yes, David Bowie – nuff said!

7. Stockholm

Spread over an expanse of fourteen islands, Stockholm is a tourist's paradise all the way! Yet a lot of people underestimate the city’s potential when it comes to making a mark in the world of fashion and street style. I guess it’s the scenic views, and art deco-inspired architecture that gets most of the attention. Nonetheless, Swedes stand proud and tall when it comes to naming European fashion enthusiasts. Local brands like Acne Studios and Our Legacy have done much to popularize minimalist fashion movements such as the Nordic Wave, whereas a number of the city boutiques make every international brand easily available to the both locals and tourists alike. Sure, it might not be as showy as other European contenders like Paris and Milan, but search for any Stockholm-based fashion blog and you’ll know that the Swedes aren’t far behind.

8. Miami

Now, a lot of you might think that a second U.S. city to make the list should be Los Angeles, but I’m going to disagree. I’d pick Miami instead. First of all, it has miles and miles of beaches, fit bodies, and water sports; and second, it’s the city where fashion has gone from retail to e-tail. Online boutiques like and have set the bar high in an increasingly-competitive environment by providing the locals with effortless style at affordable prices. Nonetheless, a high influx of international tourists has also influenced the way the city has developed as a major tourist attraction. From the best of the west available at retail stores, to colors all the way from India brought in by visitors, Miami has evolved into one of the most culturally-diverse cities ever – and definitely one of the most fashionable places in this world!

This article was written by Henry Kingston.