The Hudson River Valley isn’t considered a National Geographic ‘Top 20 destination’ for no reason. This region is filled with natural beauty, history, and a variety of fun and culture-filled things to do. Here are eight of our favorite places to be sure to head to on your next visit!

8 Great Things To Do In The Hudson River Valley

1. Oliver Kita Chocolatiers

Oliver Kita’s is known for its variety of different chocolates, made by using different herbs, spices, and scents to create distinct tastes. Oliver Kita not only features chocolate bars, but also chocolate creations like mini Buddha statues and small 19th-century houses. There are chocolatiers located all over the Hudson River Valley, so be sure to stop at one no matter where you are.

2. Saugerties Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse is located on the Hudson River, and is a great place to tour while also doubling as a place to stay: this living museum also features a bed and breakfast. The lighthouse has a rustic, almost romantic beauty that will make you want to stay forever if you had the chance. Explore the history of the Hudson River Valley while you enjoy some peace and good company, all at a place about 2 hours away from New York City.

3. Opus 40 Sculpture Park and Museum

For those looking to explore the art scene of the Hudson River Valley, Opus 40 is for you. This park/museum can be walked through, around, or on top of, and offers artwork that will amaze audiences both small and large. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy the Quarryman’s museum, or go hiking on one of the many hiking trails in the park.

4. Warren Street

Located in Hudson, New York, Warren Street is the place to be when it comes to shopping in the Hudson River Valley. This trend-setting street has a variety of little shops, boutiques, and designer showrooms for you to explore and also features some great restaurants as well. Check it out and buy some modern furniture, or fun things to decorate the house with.

5. Hudson Valley Wine Tour

All Transportation Network has put together an amazing chauffeured tour of wineries in the Hudson River Valley. Grab some friends and go on this great tour of some of the best wineries in the country in a nice luxury vehicle. We recommend you stop by Paintbrushes and Party in Poughkeepsie if you’re interested in enjoying your wine while also painting and enjoying artwork with your pals.

6. Woodstock

Want to relive the hippie days? Woodstock has got you covered. Home of the ’69 Festival, this town is filled with art, music, and unique experiences. Stay for a day and take tours of the museums and small shops, stay for more and discover the history of the town built on music and art. No matter how long you stay, be sure to make a stop in the colony of the arts.

7. The Village of Rhinebeck

The Village of Rhinebeck is another great place to go shopping and eating. This quiet village east of the river has great views of the Catskill Mountains and offers many different small businesses for you to explore. On the food front, there are a variety of award winning eateries in this town. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Rhinebeck has got you covered. Visit Rhinebeck and find your home away from home.

8. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

On the east bank of the Hudson River, you can find this historic town detailed in Washington Irving’s thrilling tale. Bring the family along and listen to actors tell the tale of Sleepy Hollow, or travel solo and explore the eerie town for yourself. Be careful not to run into any headless horsemen on your visit!

This article was written by Kellyn Nettles.